Crystal Work: The Magic of Aquamarine


Aquamarine is a form of beryl, and is related with emerald. Beryl crystals are, in general, harder than quartz, and crystal healers believe them to have a very different vibrational energy. Aquamarine – which means ‘water from the sea’ in Latin – is often a clear almost transparent crystal and die to its beauty and … Read moreCrystal Work: The Magic of Aquamarine

Aromatherapy and Yoga

The five principles of Yoga are exercise, deep rhythmic breathing, release of tension, relaxation and meditation. The physical exercises are the Asanas, various stretching poses that have many health benefits including increased flexibility and strength. Deep breathing encourages the flow of prana (life) energy around the body and helps aid relaxation and meditation. Aroma Yoga … Read moreAromatherapy and Yoga

Chakra Work: Crystals and your Chakras

Our bodies contain seven energy centres, known as Chakras, that govern energy flow and the interaction of our physical and spiritual bodies. These Chakras run through your body along a horizontal line, from the top of your head to the base of your spine. Colour influences nearly all aspects of our lives, affecting our thoughts, … Read moreChakra Work: Crystals and your Chakras

Energy: Chakras and the Planes

As subtle energy centres, the Chakras have effects on your being across a range of levels. On the physical plane, the Chakras influence your endocrine system and your health, especially through the Root Chakra. The stomach Chakra is particularly connected with the etheric plane, which is concerned with the distribution of energy. This Chakra helps … Read moreEnergy: Chakras and the Planes

Energy: Understanding Chakra Deities

The Chakra system represents the energies of the physical body, the emotions, the intellect and the spirit. The positive qualities ascribed to the different Chakras such as love, intuition, and courage are also attributed to Hindu deities. By learning about the different deities associated with the Chakras, you can discover how to promote their positive … Read moreEnergy: Understanding Chakra Deities

Energy: Discovering the Chakra Symbols

The seven major Chakras have various symbols, derived from their many correspondences, and by introducing these to your meditations you can develop your powers of visualisation and grasp better control of your own energies. The rich symbolism of the Chakras crosses over into many other disciplines, such as astrology. For example, elemental and planetary associations … Read moreEnergy: Discovering the Chakra Symbols

Energy: Exploring the Lower Minor Chakras

The minor Chakras in your body play a vital role in maintaining your upper well-being. They support the work performed by the major Chakras and most of them are connected with the functioning of major organs, such as the liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys. Through these the minor Chakras help the body process toxins and … Read moreEnergy: Exploring the Lower Minor Chakras

Energy: Exploring the Upper Minor Chakras

So far we have been concentrating on the seven major Chakras that run through the body. These are the ones most used for meditation and healing. But there are also other energy centres – the minor Chakras – that have important roles to play. Higher Function Chakras The Chakras deal with the energies in the … Read moreEnergy: Exploring the Upper Minor Chakras

Energy: Understanding your Senses and Chakras

The five senses that you rely on to supply you with information about your environment are well associated with the Chakras. According to some systems, the Root Chakra is linked to smell, the Sacral to taste, the Stomach to sight, the Heart to touch and the Throat to hearing. Our sixth sense, or psychic ability … Read moreEnergy: Understanding your Senses and Chakras