Energy: Discovering the Chakra Symbols

The seven major Chakras have various symbols, derived from their many correspondences, and by introducing these to your meditations you can develop your powers of visualisation and grasp better control of your own energies. The rich symbolism of the Chakras crosses over into many other disciplines, such as astrology. For example, elemental and planetary associations … Read moreEnergy: Discovering the Chakra Symbols

Astrology: Understanding Zodiac Groups

It might seem that there is a lot to memorise when it comes to learning about the Zodiac signs, however, the fact that they are divided into a number of groups makes their meanings easier to remember. Observing which of the groups each sign falls into can help to determine its meaning. The three main … Read moreAstrology: Understanding Zodiac Groups

Astrology: Understanding Zodiac Symbols

Astrology uses symbols or ‘glyphs’ to represent the planets and signs. The glyph is made up of shapes representing the energy and physical matter of which the universe is composed. How these shapes are used in each glyph give us clues as to the properties of the Zodiac sign or planet it represents. Ether and … Read moreAstrology: Understanding Zodiac Symbols

Understanding & Using Celtic Charms and Symbols

The symbols used in Celtic charms draw upon the powers of the natural world, from intricate abstract patterns to imagery based on animals and trees. Celtic artwork originated from the Celts’ magical traditions involving nature, which recognised the interconnection of all life. Their complex knotwork patterns linked human figures and animals and created pictorial charms. … Read moreUnderstanding & Using Celtic Charms and Symbols