Crystal Work: Crystals and the Elements

Crystals are formed by the combination, in varying conditions, of different physical elements, such as metals, non-metals (for example sulphur) and gases (for example, hydrogen). Some stones require the great heat generated by volcanoes or deep thermal currents to bond their molecular make-up. Others may be formed by pressure, such as diamonds, which are created … Read moreCrystal Work: Crystals and the Elements

Energy: Understanding your Stomach Chakra

Solar plexus

The Stomach Chakra, or Manipura (meaning ‘lustrous jewel’), is connected to your emotions and will power. This Chakra is associated with fire. The fire of digestion and of the will. By balancing the Stomach Chakra you work to achieve harmony between the emotions and the intellect, transforming yourself into a dynamic, creative individual. Links to … Read moreEnergy: Understanding your Stomach Chakra

Astrology: Understanding Zodiac Groups

It might seem that there is a lot to memorise when it comes to learning about the Zodiac signs, however, the fact that they are divided into a number of groups makes their meanings easier to remember. Observing which of the groups each sign falls into can help to determine its meaning. The three main … Read moreAstrology: Understanding Zodiac Groups

Free Meditation: As the Fire Burns

Feet firmly placed on the floor, hands gently resting on the thighs, eyes closed and away… I sat still with my heartbeat. Listening to the beat slow in time with my breath. I became aware of a light in front of me, and in an instant I was around my familiar fire. My beautiful, welcoming … Read moreFree Meditation: As the Fire Burns