Solar plexus

Energy: Understanding your Stomach Chakra

The Stomach Chakra, or Manipura (meaning 'lustrous jewel'), is connected to your emotions and will power. This Chakra is associated with fire. The fire of digestion and of the will. By balancing the Stomach Chakra you work to achieve harmony between the emotions and the intellect, transforming yourself into a dynamic, creative individual.

Links to Minor Chakras

The Stomach Chakra links to several minor Chakras. These are the Solar Plexus Chakra (Diaphragmatic Chakra) associated with personal attitude to health, the Navel Chakra, which stores emotions, and the Kidney Chakra. It also governs the nervous system, stomach, liver and pancreas.

Chakra Characteristics

Balanced Chakra

Too Open

(Excessive Energy)


(Deficient Energy)

Gentle strength


Easily distracted
Lacking humour
Needs reassurance

Working the Stomach Chakra

The Stomach Chakra is connected with expansion and transformation, and you can work with it to widen your outlook or to stimulate your energy levels.

Stimulating with Exercise

To stimulate a sluggish Stomach Chakra, sit with your back straight. Take a deep breath and relax the muscles of your abdomen. Then quickly snap in your abdomen 10 times, causing short sharp exhalations of breath.

Notice the Benefits

Repeat this exercise 10 times every day and night and you will soon notice your stomach feeling more active. Sit-ups and running are also good ways to stimulate the Stomach Chakra.

Calming with Aromatherapy

If your Stomach Chakra is over-active exercise will only stimulate it further. In such circumstances a relaxing bath with aromatherapy oils will be much more appropriate.

Add a few drops of a soothing oil, such as chamomile or lemongrass, to the bath when it it nearly full. Then take time to just relax in the water, letting your body slow down.

Aromatherapy lemongrass

Sheer Calm

Luxuriate in the bath and let your Stomach Chakra grow calmer.

Relaxing with meditation

If your Stomach Chakra is out-of-balance, leaving you feeling weak, try this simple routine. Stand comfortably and visulaise a golden glow emenating from your Stomach Chakra, and spreading to fill your aura with golden light. Now slowly walk around the room, saying "I will be balanced" as you take each slow step.

Golden Energy

Keep the image of the golden glow filling your aura as you do this. Continue for five minutes, and do this exercise daily to balance and strengthen the Stomach Chakra.

Calming with Mantras

Om meditation mantra

An overactive stomach can cause you to take short cuts in directing excesses of energy, for example, into anger, sarcasm, rudeness and other forms of anti-social behaviour. If you are suffering from a general impatient frame of mind, repeat this calming mantra for a few minutes when you are getting ready for the day's activity. "Calm, balanced, focused". Whenever you find yourself getting annoyed or stressed, say it silently in your head until you calm down again.

Positive Progress

Persevere with this mantra, and you will soon find that your external environment becomes easier to cope with.

Conditions Relating to the Stomach Chakra

Conditions to Treat

Conditions to Avoid

Bad self-image

A bad self image can be helped with colour therapy, meditation and exercise.


Can be stimulated by an over-active stomach, seek medical advice.

Excess energy

To balance this use meditation, oils, reiki, exercise and crystals.


This condition can be serious and you need to be calm, not stimulated.