Aromatherapy: Healing with Juniper Berry Oil

Essential oil is steam-distilled from the berries, needles and wood of the evergreen juniper tree. The finest grade oils are obtained from the berries alone using this procedure, giving a sweeter oil that is virtually colourless. Herbal panacea Juniper fortifies the nerves and helps to combat the symptoms of restlessness, tension and anxiety. The unique … Read moreAromatherapy: Healing with Juniper Berry Oil

Aromatherapy: Juniper Berry for Beauty and Home

Salt Rub and Restorative Bath This two-step routine comprises a salt rub treatment for sloughing off dead skin cells, softening the skin and improving circulation, followed by a tonic bath to revitalise you, from head to toe. Begin by moistening your body under a lukewarm shower – or a cold shower if you are hardy. … Read moreAromatherapy: Juniper Berry for Beauty and Home

Aromatherapy: The Magic of Juniper Berry

Of the 60 or so species that comprise the juniper family, it’s the berries of the common juniper (Juniperus communis) that are used as a medicine, spice and source of essential oil. The plant is a coniferous, evergreen shrub, or small tree, growing up to 6m, with reddish twigs and blueish-green, needle-like leaves. Native to … Read moreAromatherapy: The Magic of Juniper Berry

Crystal Work: The Magic of Metallic Crystals

Stones with a metallic lustre have a unique appeal and stand out due to their shiny colours. Their glittering and reflective surface draws them to the eye and visibly separates these gems from their surroundings. The main crystals that fall into this unusual colour grouping are bornite (peacock ore), hematite, magnetite, marcasite (silver pyrites) and … Read moreCrystal Work: The Magic of Metallic Crystals

Aromatherapy: Healing with Patchouli

The earthy, balmy aroma of patchouli remains a symbol of the psychedelic 1960s, associated with ‘flower power’ and relaxed sexuality. Patchouli’s highly tenacious, spicy aroma becomes sweeter as the harsher top notes evaporate to leave a rich velvet, musky scent. It is widely used in oriental perfumes and in incense and joss sticks, when it … Read moreAromatherapy: Healing with Patchouli

Aromatherapy: Patchouli for Beauty and Home

Patchouli, Honey and Almond Bath Milk This heavenly, exotically-scented soak leaves the skin feeling like satin, and calms nerves. If jasmine is too expensive, use ylang ylang instead. 2 tbsp ground almonds 1 tbsp clear honey 200ml organic milk 10ml carrier oil 1 drop patchouli oil 3 drops jasmine oil 2 drops geranium oil Blend the ingredients in a food processor until … Read moreAromatherapy: Patchouli for Beauty and Home

Aromatherapy: The Magic of Patchouli

Patchouli (Pogostemon patchouli or P. cablin) is a bushy herb which grows to a height of one metre and has soft, hairy, oval-shaped leaves and spikes of white, purple-tinged flowers. When rubbed, the leaves emit the peculiar, charasmatic scent of patchouli. Native to Southeast Asia, the shrub grows in Sumatra and Java between altitudes of … Read moreAromatherapy: The Magic of Patchouli

Aromatherapy: Healing with Peppermint

Peppermint has been used as a tonic for centuries, and its fresh aroma is evident in toothpastes and mouthwashes today. Peppermint is a powerful digestive stimulant; it aids the digestion of fats and strengthens liver function. This makes it an excellent oil for relieving indigestion and treating gastric fevers and diarrhoea. Decongestant properties Peppermint stimulates … Read moreAromatherapy: Healing with Peppermint