Aromatherapy: Healing with Juniper Berry Oil

Essential oil is steam-distilled from the berries, needles and wood of the evergreen juniper tree. The finest grade oils are obtained from the berries alone using this procedure, giving a sweeter oil that is virtually colourless.

Herbal panacea

Juniper fortifies the nerves and helps to combat the symptoms of restlessness, tension and anxiety. The unique stimulating and calming properties of juniper berry also make it a good treatment for feelings of nervous exhaustion and self-doubt.

Juniper berry oil also helps to clear lymphatic congestion and detoxifies the body. It eases breathing in respiratory infections and can be used to purify and tone oily complexions.

Juniper berry is also beneficial to a sluggish digestive system, especially when combined with grapefruit oil. It helps to reduce waste retention and assists with flushing toxins and waste from the body.

Active Ingredients of Juniper Berry Oil


Juniper berry oil is rich in monoterpenes, especially pinene. These are responsible for the oil's antiseptic and analgesic actions.


Juniper berry contains terpineol. This compound is a diuretic and directly stimulates the kidneys. Juniper berry oil should therefore be avoided by people with kidney problems.


sequisterpenes make up 2% of juniper berry oil and contribute to its calming and toning actions.


A variety of juniper berry Juniperus communis var. montana contains greater concentrations of esters than the usual variety. This give it greater anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties.

Uses of Juniper Berry Oil

Use the invigorating and soothing properties of juniper berry oil to treat PMS, detoxify your body and relieve aching muscles and joint pains.

Soothing Menstrual Relief

Healing, analgesic juniper berry can bring pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), relief.

Relieve painful period cramps
Apply a warm aromatic compress to the abdomen. Add:

2-3 drops juniper berry oil
2-3 drops clary sage oil
15-20ml carrier oil

PMS full body massage
50ml grapeseed oil
6 drops juniper berry oil
4 drops neroli oil
4 drops lavender oil

aromatherapy compress

Soothing 'sitz' bath

Reduce aggravating pre-menstrual water retention with a 'sitz' bath, adding 3-4 drops of juniper berry oil.

Fortifying Juniper Berry

Uplift and strengthen the mind and emotions with juniper berry.

Create inner peace by using juniper berry oil to relax. Combine5 drops each of juniper berry and bergamot oil and 7 of frankincense oil in a room diffuser. The juniper berry uplifts the spirits, frankincense has meditative qualities and bergamot is refreshing.

For a restoring and relaxing full body massage to combat restlessness, combine 10 drops juniper berry oil with 5 drops each of cedarwood and vetivert in 60ml sweet almond carrier oil. The uplifting and balancing properties of juniper berry combine well with the calming and soothing actions of vetivert and cedarwood to help you rest.

Juniper Berry Detox

Use juniper berry's stimulating and cleansing properties to spring-clean the body.

Detoxify the digestive system and kidneys after over-indulgence of alcohol or rich foods with an abdominal massage. Add 3 drops of juniper berry oil and 7 drops of grapefruit oil to 30ml sweet almond oil to flush out toxins.

Stimulate lymphatic drainage by adding a couple of drops of juniper oil to a loofah when showering. Massage briskly over areas affected by cellulite.

Easing Aching Muscles and Joints

Use juniper berry to ease and soothe muscular aches and pains, especially during the long, cold winter months.

Warm winter blend

To give relief from rheumatic aches and pains, blend:

50ml sweet almond oil
5 drops ginger oil
5 drops juniper oil
3 drops lavender

aromatherapy bathing

Relaxing warm bath

To ease muscles after a session at the gym, add:

5 drops juniper berry oil
2 drops black pepper oil
2 drops marjoram oil
This will aid circulation and eliminate toxins.

Juniper Berry Folklore

Juniper was revered by the Celtic tribes of upland Europe who admired its ability to withstand the harsh mountain climate.

In Scotland, twigs of juniper were hung over the door of farmsteads and stables on Mayday Eve to ward away witches and evil spirits.

It was customary in the hills of Wales for foresters to leave juniper trees standing. They believed that any woodsman who cut down this magical tress would meet his own death in an unfortunate way within a year.

The word 'juneprus' is Celtic for biting. The juniper tree was thought to protect against the bites of snakes and other venomous beasts.