Baltic 39: Ben Jeans Houghton Exhibit.

Baltic 39 exhibit. screaming bird singing dawn rainbow mountain

Often, while traversing the endless ream of information delivered by Facebooks timeline, something will jump from the screen to invite my curiosity. Screaming Bird, Singing Dawn, Rainbow Mountain; a film essay and exhibition by Ben Jeans Houghton at Newcastle’s Baltic 39, caught my attention and drew me in with such magnetic resonance it was impossible … Read moreBaltic 39: Ben Jeans Houghton Exhibit.

Spiritual Energy Exchange: SEE with others

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The Spiritual Energy Exchange (SEE) is an online, as well as an in person discussion platform. Through this platform we examine key life themes with a view to enhancing an individuals’ internal growth and understanding. Engagement is promoted through blog posts, audio files, meditation practices, and physical group meet-ups in the North East of England. … Read moreSpiritual Energy Exchange: SEE with others

Prisoners Safety: Released Prisoners at Risk on our Streets

When it comes to community safety issues, public safety sells more newspapers than ex-prisoners safety. A headline reading ‘Released Prisoners at Risk on our Streets’ doesn’t stir up as much emotion as a ‘Public at Risk’ headline. Yet, when a prisoner is released they become a member of the public once more. They have served … Read morePrisoners Safety: Released Prisoners at Risk on our Streets

Mental Health: Community Engagement with Muddy Boots

Muddy Boots is a Mental Health Community Engagement Project based in Stanley, Tyne and Wear. Their aim is to provide outdoor gardening activities to the residents of the North Eastt

Community engagement work aids mental health by giving something back to the local area and local people.  As such, It promotes working together to build community cohesion, as well as learning about the environment. This promotes a sense of pride by offering meaningful support to others. I work with Muddy Boots as their holistic health … Read moreMental Health: Community Engagement with Muddy Boots

Community Engagement Project: MHNE

I was approached by a friend who works with a charity called Mental Health North East (MHNE). She wondered how I would feel about coming along to a few group meetings to talk about holistic health with the participants. The project was called ‘Greening The Gap’. MHNE partnered with a group called Muddy Boots who … Read moreCommunity Engagement Project: MHNE