Aromatherapy: The Magic of Chamomile

The type of chamomile most often used in aromatherapy is called Roman chamomile (Anthemis noblis), which is also known as Chamaemelum nobile, or ‘noble chamomile’. The oil’s colour varies from clear to very pale blue. German chamomile (Matricaria recutica) is the other type used in aromatherapy, which has a rich, dark blue to green colour and … Read moreAromatherapy: The Magic of Chamomile

Crystal Work: The Magic of White Crystals

White is known as the colour of purity. It is considered the colour of spirituality and transcendence, of perfection. This is seen when white light is shone through a prism, diffusing into the whole spectrum of the rainbow as it contains all colours within. Therefore, white is also the colour of completion. For all these … Read moreCrystal Work: The Magic of White Crystals

Aromatherapy: Healing with Marjoram

Marjoram is particularly useful for sports people. Feelings of stiffness and soreness from over-exercise can quickly be relieved with this oil, as can the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Marjoram for Monthlies Marjoram is a valuable aid to women who suffer from menstrual problems. Use the warming action of this oil to calm period pains and … Read moreAromatherapy: Healing with Marjoram

Aromatherapy: Marjoram for Beauty and Home

Beauty Essentials Fragrant Hair Rinse For dark hair use marjoram in the final rinse when you wash it, to help make it strong and healthy. 500ml water 2 drops pure marjoram essential oil. Bring the water and oil to the boil and leave to cool To absorb any excess essential oil that may be floating on the … Read moreAromatherapy: Marjoram for Beauty and Home

Aromatherapy: The Magic of Marjoram

There are two types of marjoram essential oil. The one most commonly used in aromatherapy, Origanum marjorana, better known as ‘sweet’ marjoram, is the oil referred to throughout this website. The other essential oil, Origanum vulgare, is more closely related to thyme and oregano, and although sometimes used for aromatherapy, this has different properties and is only … Read moreAromatherapy: The Magic of Marjoram

Crystal Work: The Magic of Jade


Jade What is commonly known as jade can actually be one of two minerals, jadite or nephrite. Jade has been used since prehistoric ties, when it was made into weapons and tools. Another name for nephrite is ‘kidney stone’, as both jadite and nephrite were traditionally thought to be capable of easing kidney problems. Indeed, the … Read moreCrystal Work: The Magic of Jade

Aromatherapy: Healing with Lavender

When you begin building up your collection of essential oils, there is no better place to start than with lavender. Its dreamy fragrance has made it a popular perfume for centuries, but this gentle herb also has powerful harmonising properties. The Healing Herb The valuable therapeutic oil produced by lavender flowers can be used to … Read moreAromatherapy: Healing with Lavender

Crystal Work: The Magic of Emerald


emerald Emerald occupies an important place in many mythologies. According to the bible, it was believed that when Lucifer was cast out of paradise an emerald fell from his forehead, from which formed the Holy Grail. The ancients also believed that the Greek god Hermes recorded the laws of magic upon an emerald tablet. Mythical gem … Read moreCrystal Work: The Magic of Emerald

Aromatherapy: Lavender for Beauty and Home

Soothing Hand Lotion 50ml unperfumed lotion (available at chemists, health stores and supermarkets) or a base body lotion. 10 drops diluted lavender oil 5 drops pure palmarosa essesntial oil Stir well to blend in the oils and store in a small cosmetic pot. Use a small amount after doing housework, washing up or gardening, or … Read moreAromatherapy: Lavender for Beauty and Home

Crystal Work: The Magic of Turquoise


turquoise The ancient Egyptians prized green turquoise very highly, naming it ‘mefkat’, which means ‘joy’ or ‘delight’. In Egypt, the blue-green colour of the stone symbolised fertility and resurrection. They used it to make mosaics, ornaments and cosmetics, an it was an important stone to shamanic tribes in Tibet. Indeed, demand for turquoise has been so … Read moreCrystal Work: The Magic of Turquoise