Aromatherapy: Healing with Benzoin Oil

Benzoin is obtained from the resin of the Styrax benzoin tree. It has been prized in the East for centuries as an incense to fumigate and dispel evil spirits.
The resin is dissolved in alcohol solvents to give benzoin oil, which has remarkable energising and rejuvenating effects of the mind, body and spirit.

Benzoin Botanical

It's rich, vanilla-like aroma combines well with spices and other tree oils.

Comforting oil

Use benzoin to instil confidence and enhance feelings of contentment. Benzoin is calming yet elevating, making it valuable in treating emotional exhaustion and anxiety.

It warms the heart and improves circulation, and is an effective tonic for the urinary tract, heling to combat infection. Benzoin is especially useful when combined with rose or lavender oil to treat irritated skin conditions.

Active Ingredients of Benzoin Oil

Benzoin is not a true essential oil, but a resinoid. The resin gel is not volatile enough for steam distillation. Instead, it is extracted using benzene or alcohol solvents.


Benzoin is extremely rich in esters, such as benzyl benzoate. The esters give benzoin its rich sweet odour and warming properties. Esters have gentle therapeutic actions and are anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. They also contribute to benzoin's ability to heal and soothe skin rashes.

Other constituents

Benzoin oil also contains other active ingredients. These are aldehydes, acids and oxides.

Using your Benzoin Oil

Learn how to apply the relaxing and revitalising properties of benzoin in your home, to soothe a tired mind, take a relaxing bath and warm the atmosphere.

A Comforting Resinoid

Use the fortifying and soothing properties of benzoin oil to bring comfort and joy back into your life.

Restoring massage

stomach massage

Lift your negative emotions by adding the following oils to 60ml of carrier oil:
8 drops benzoin oil
8 drops bergamot oil
4 drops roman chamomile oil
Massage the oil into your body to uplift and stimulate your mind and spirit.

Anti-anxiety bath
Create a bathing experience that will cleanse you of stress by adding the following oils to your bath water:
5 drops benzoin oil
8 drops frankincense oil
8 drops sandalwood oil

Positive scents
When slipping into depression and confused by feelings of self-doubt and guilt use these oils in a vaporiser:
5 drops benzoin oil
5 drops rose oil
5 drops jasmine oil

Folklore of Benzoin

The scented gum of benzoin has been used to purify the body, mind and spirit in Java, Sumatra and Thailand for many centuries.

Warming benzoin works under the rulership of the Sun. Use it during the dark winter months to re-energise the mind, body and spirit.

Ancient Eastern civilisations used benzoin resin to drive away evil spirits from their homesteads. It's still used today as an ingredient of incense.

In old herbalist lore, benzoin is referred to as 'virgin's milk'/ It was blended with lavender and ethanol to make ladies' scented toilet water.

In the home, use benzoin oil to protect against life's crises and to help release the tensions and resentments between family members.

Soothing Skin Care

Utilise benzoin's gentle, soothing and anti-inflammatory action to help heal skin irritations.

Treat chapped skin, especially on the hands, by blending 3-4 drops each of benzoin, chamomile and myrrh oil with 30ml of calendula cream.

Gently apply to affected parts.

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Relieve eczema and dermatitis by adding 2-3 drops of sandalwood and benzoin oil to a basin of warm water. Bathe the affected skin. Both oils have powerful astringent and anti-inflammatory actions.

For soothing relief from chilblains, add 3-4 drops each of frankincense and benzoin oil to a footbath. These oils will stimulate the circulation and ease the painful swellings.

Clear Infections

At the first sign of a throat infection, make a dry inhalation by adding 3 drops each of benzoin and of juniper oil to a handkerchief and then inhale throughout the day.

To treat painful cystitis, add 2-3 drops each of benzoin and lemon oil to bath water. Both have an antiseptic action on the urinary tract.

Fight off a stubborn cough or chest infection by adding 1 drops each of benzoin, lemon and cypress oil to 10ml of grapeseed oil and massage into the neck, throat and chest. The combined decongestant and anti-viral effects of these oils should ensure a restful night's sleep.