Astrology: Understanding Zodiac Groups

It might seem that there is a lot to memorise when it comes to learning about the Zodiac signs, however, the fact that they are divided into a number of groups makes their meanings easier to remember. Observing which of the groups each sign falls into can help to determine its meaning. The three main … Read moreAstrology: Understanding Zodiac Groups

Astrology: Understanding Zodiac Symbols

Astrology uses symbols or ‘glyphs’ to represent the planets and signs. The glyph is made up of shapes representing the energy and physical matter of which the universe is composed. How these shapes are used in each glyph give us clues as to the properties of the Zodiac sign or planet it represents. Ether and … Read moreAstrology: Understanding Zodiac Symbols

Astrology: Understanding Moon Phases

Following the path of the Moon through the sky unveils many wonders about the Solar System, and it can reveal just as many about your personality. The Moon’s constantly changing relationship to the Sun causes it to go through several different phases. There are eight Moon cycles, dividing the circle into eight 45 degree angles. … Read moreAstrology: Understanding Moon Phases

Astrology: Understanding the secrets of the Moon

The Moon has been worshipped for centuries. Its powerful effect on the natural world is seen as proof of its energetic powers. The Moon is more than just a light in the night sky. It affects weather patterns, creates tides, and influences earthquakes. Ancient astronomers were quick to pick up on the phases of the … Read moreAstrology: Understanding the secrets of the Moon

Astrology: Understanding the Sun, Moon and Earth

Astrology is not recognised as a science but there is no denying that the ancients’ knowledge of the cosmos eventually gave rise to the understanding of the Solar System in modern astronomy. The Earth, Sun and planets orbit the centre mass of the Solar System. ‘Orbit’ describes the path of one celestial body around another. … Read moreAstrology: Understanding the Sun, Moon and Earth

Astrology: Understanding the Solar System

As astrology is dependent on the movement of the planets, it is essential that all serious astrologers fully understand how the Solar System works. The Human race has lived on Earth for tens of thousands of years, and our ancestors could find no explanation for the thunder, lightening, droughts, and eclipses that plagued them. Life … Read moreAstrology: Understanding the Solar System

Astrology: Understanding the Zodiac Wheel

Prior to the Zodiac the night sky was mapped by star lists and astrolabes, which were drawn to show which stars were visible and to identify their paths across the heavens Today’s Zodiac Wheel appeared around the 6th century BC and is thought to be a Babylonian invention, though Greek sources suggest a parallel development … Read moreAstrology: Understanding the Zodiac Wheel

The Magic of Astrology

Astrology is the ancient art of reading our destiny through the position of the stars and planets. You can use it to understand your inner drives, actions, and desires. Astrology has been popular for centuries as a way of analysing situations, predicting the future and understanding not only yourself, but also your friends and family. … Read moreThe Magic of Astrology