Planetary Alignment: Venus in Scorpio

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Practical Influences – Venus in Scorpio Venus in Scorpio brings a dark and mysterious energy which may seem a little scary to others. You will feel guarded and secretive about your emotions during this alignment and although your are committed and loyal in your dealings there will always be an element of mystery surrounding you … Read morePlanetary Alignment: Venus in Scorpio

Planetary Alignment: Venus in Aries

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Practical Influences – Venus in Aries Venus in Aries brings an up-front, direct, and even daring air through a sense of enterprising independence which holds a childish innocent charm. You will feel fun loving with an energy that requires plenty of stimulating activity through direct open honesty. This alignment brings a need for spontaneous action … Read morePlanetary Alignment: Venus in Aries

Planetary Alignment: Venus in Pisces

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Practical Influences – Venus in Pisces Venus in Pisces brings a dreamy, soft-hearted influence and a sensitivity towards everyone; this sensitivity can bring with it a slight moodiness that can prove frustrating to those around. You will find yourself caring more about what is inside than status and attracted to those who are suffering often to … Read morePlanetary Alignment: Venus in Pisces

Planetary Alignment: Mercury in Aquarius

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Practical Influences – Mercury in Aquarius Unconventional self-expression, Mercury in Aquarius enjoys breaking the rules. Quietly stirring things up by being quick to contradict through differing perspectives, Mercury in Aquarius shows an alertness of intellect which forces ideas towards intimidation. That said there is a delightful, unusual, quirky and insightful quality to this alignment. Resistant … Read morePlanetary Alignment: Mercury in Aquarius