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Planetary Alignment: Venus in Scorpio

Practical Influences – Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio brings a dark and mysterious energy which may seem a little scary to others. You will feel guarded and secretive about your emotions during this alignment and although your are committed and loyal in your dealings there will always be an element of mystery surrounding you where you won’t want to give everything away.

You will feel the need to keep your relationships private and away from public scrutiny enjoying being around people who are real rather than superficial as it takes a long time to decide if they are worthy of your friendship. When first meeting people, you’re likely to be cautious, taking time to observe them in many situations. You will be intense and confident and once decided you will have firm friendships for life and are very protective and loyal to those you care about.

Although you won’t be very social you will stick with people you can trust as it is very difficult to forgive anyone that violates it. You will have an open honesty from being able to see into the heart of every situation which leaves you delivering great advice in a caring and supportive way. You will feel drawn to investigating the weird, dark and unusual things; fascinated by magic, astrology, the occult and the underworld you may go against the mainstream preferring to take the road less traveled that others fear to tread.

You may become obsessive in your relationships often displaying possessive tendencies, this is because it will be hard for you to give your heart away at this time so when you do you want to make sure that your partner is all yours. You will value honesty because you can handle it and prefer it that way, your intuition will penetrate deep into others’ psyche as though you can see into their soul to observe their deepest darkest secrets. You will pick up on emotional vibes reading close friends like a book, and can sum up aspects of their lives with startling insight.

A Venus in Scorpio energy brings cold-hearted, bloody vengeance to you if you are crossed; you won’t blow up but prefer to silently premeditate your revenge so that the culprit will not see it coming. After such an encounter you will move away from reconciliation as you find it impossible to forgive such transgressions. Nothing slips by you as you seem telepathically attuned to those around you

Whatever you do, you bring a powerful focus, drive and imagination. You’ll prefer to retain a measure of control in your dealings because you have great drive and standards holding you true to your vision while putting your whole self into any undertaking.

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