Celtic Connection: Exploring the Afterlife – The Celtic View

The Celts were polytheistic and animistic and they had a pantheon of goddesses and gods. The deities were called upon for their assistance in areas specifically associated with them and no one god or goddess was seen as more supreme. Water sources such as wells and rivers were venerated, as water was considered to be … Read moreCeltic Connection: Exploring the Afterlife – The Celtic View

Celtic Fire Festival: Lammas Symbols and Rituals

Give thanks to the gods of the grain at Lammas and understand the significance of the Earth Mother’s symbols, to bring understanding and comfort in the cycle of life and death. The significance of the corn sheaf Nothing can be more symbolic of Lammas than a sheaf of corn. At harvest, fields were scattered with … Read moreCeltic Fire Festival: Lammas Symbols and Rituals

Summer Solstice Symbols and Rituals

You don’t need to find an organised celebration to enjoy the Summer Solstice – you can celebrate Midsummer just as easily in your own home. Summer folklore Northern European tradition holds the washing your face in the morning Midsummer dew, will give you a clear complexion and equally clear eyesight. According to folklore, if you … Read moreSummer Solstice Symbols and Rituals

Harnessing the Magic of Trees

Trees are fundamental to the life of the planet. They are referred to as ‘the lungs of the world’, for they breathe fresh oxygen into the atmosphere, taking away carbon dioxide waste. Trees have a powerful effect on our climate – as the removal of large tracts of rain forest has shown. A vital resource … Read moreHarnessing the Magic of Trees

Celtic Fire Festival: Beltane Symbols and Rituals

Celebrate Beltane with traditional festive rituals that welcome in the summer season and help your wishes for the new season come true. Understand the meaning behind the ancient celebrations of Beltane and learn how you too can participate in all of the festivities. The dance of the Maypole The most well-known symbol of Beltane, or … Read moreCeltic Fire Festival: Beltane Symbols and Rituals

Mercury Retrograde? What’s it all about Alfie?

It’s easy to get stressed over communication problems, travel plans going awry, and electronic devices that won’t play ball. You may take it in your stride and think ‘I’m just having a bad day/month.’ But, there are some planet watchers out there who anticipate these things happening because Mercury is in retrograde. So, what does … Read moreMercury Retrograde? What’s it all about Alfie?

Holistic Health: What is it and how can it help?

Holistic Approach The word holistic is derived from the Greek ‘Holos’ which gives us both ‘Holy’ and ‘Whole’ in modern English. The association of health with wholeness and holiness expresses the concept of holism well. Holistic health essentially involves the unity of body, mind, and spirit, so it is taken to mean caring for the … Read moreHolistic Health: What is it and how can it help?

Intergenerational Connection: Exploring Innocence

One of the most effective ways to develop consciousness is through intergenerational connection. Above all, the act of spending time with someone of a different age group offers fresh perspective. In conclusion, we re-experience an innocence from which we can grow and learn. On a cold, beautiful, November Sunday in Gateshead, I have the pleasure … Read moreIntergenerational Connection: Exploring Innocence

Safeguarding Nature for our Children’s future

As children of the earth, it is our duty to secure the future of our young ones by safeguarding nature. The political climate is hitting frenzy point with the coming elections in the UK. Alongside the UK, dissent and discord born from power and greed can be seen throughout the world. Yet within the noise … Read moreSafeguarding Nature for our Children’s future

Loving All Life the Consciously Connected Way

On my journey with conscious connection, there have been trying times. Times when I have had to really learn about loving all life the consciously connected way. When complete devastation makes no sense, you have to dig deep within to fathom the grand plan. One trying incident brought the familiar heart pound I experience when … Read moreLoving All Life the Consciously Connected Way