Baltic 39: Ben Jeans Houghton Exhibit.

Baltic 39 exhibit. screaming bird singing dawn rainbow mountain

Often, while traversing the endless ream of information delivered by Facebooks timeline, something will jump from the screen to invite my curiosity. Screaming Bird, Singing Dawn, Rainbow Mountain; a film essay and exhibition by Ben Jeans Houghton at Newcastle’s Baltic 39, caught my attention and drew me in with such magnetic resonance it was impossible … Read moreBaltic 39: Ben Jeans Houghton Exhibit.

Intergenerational Connection: Exploring Innocence

One of the most effective ways to develop consciousness is through intergenerational connection. Above all, the act of spending time with someone of a different age group offers fresh perspective. In conclusion, we re-experience an innocence from which we can grow and learn. On a cold, beautiful, November Sunday in Gateshead, I have the pleasure … Read moreIntergenerational Connection: Exploring Innocence