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Planetary Alignment: Mercury in Capricorn

Practical Influences – Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn brings a slow, methodical structure and organisation to life where you will try to understand the world best by putting everything into its own little compartment. You will be resourceful, productive and active mentally but you can easily get overwhelmed if too much information comes to you at once, needing to break the information down into manageable pieces before it is useful to you.

Being practical in all aspects you will prefer tasks that end with a tangible result and can be quite authoritative, judgemental and strict with those that do not keep promises or understand things as you do. Planning and taking as much time as needed will be important to ensure foolproof results and you don’t like wasting time on surprises or frivolity. 

When you feel sceptical being confronted with something new you may appear more conservative than you really are especially when being asked to commit to anything. You choose your words carefully, not wanting to come over as foolish; but inside you are churning and may have worried yourself silly over how you will come across. Your clear thinking may appear rigid or narrow minded but careful thought leaves you seldom regretting anything you have said.

With Mercury in Capricorn you may feel it takes a while to learn new topics, but when you have you retain the knowledge and often become an expert in that field. You will enjoy history and traditions being able to combine the old and the new into something practical and useful, excelling in the details in order to make your mark which stands the test of time.

You may feel a need to prove yourself and in doing so appear very serious through your concentration and earnestness. It may take a great deal of effort for you to show enthusiasm due to your favour of self control. Others may find you moody and sulky and even depressed or pessimistic in bad situations; whereas you are actually reliable and responsible, and can be trusted to live up to your beliefs.

During a Mercury in Capricorn alignment you will appreciate structure and order and have seemingly crystal-clear judgement, although your thought processes can be skewed to the practical world. You will hate waste and value time, always adding things up in your mind and trying to get to the bottom line. You are a conventional thinker, thinking very much inside-the-box so that you can come to the most reasonable and efficient conclusion.

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