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Planetary Alignment: Venus in Taurus

Practical Influences – Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus bring a sensual solidity to your presence which may leave you seeming reserved with an un-rushed air to others. It may take a while for you to feel sure of people, but when you do, they will feel your loyalty coming through.

This alignment brings determination to any creative pursuit, and you will be at home working with nature, such as landscaping or flower arranging. You will enjoy taking things slow and will feel very domestic; when you want to get something done in the home or garden to make your surroundings more beautiful, you’ll go through with it keenly. Refined taste-buds will make you a keen cook in the kitchen but your aesthetic sense translates into a good eye in any medium.

You will be practical in your outlook, and take your time easing into a serious commitment. Once rooted however it’s hard to get you to budge from that comfort which can leave you feeling bogged down through material exchange rather than in growing partnerships. Your loyalty means you won’t give up on a ideal, even if it has become stagnant.

This alignment brings the quality of steadfastness which makes you devoted to your pursuits. Your patience draws you in for the long haul and you thrive in a stable environment which comes with the promise of building, accumulating, growing and taking pleasure in a simple and deeply satisfying manner.

You will feel conventional in all matters with a strong sense of commitment and purpose towards security. Your tastes will be well developed as you prefer to surround yourself with things that feel luxurious and comfortable, yet simple. Change may make you feel unsettled and you should avoid digging you heels in; you should also avoid overindulgence at this time as there can be a tendency towards laziness and physical pleasures.

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