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Planetary Alignment: Mercury in Pisces

Practical Influences – Mercury in Pisces

With Mercury in Pisces this is a time of gentle communication with a soft touch in an almost poetic way. You will not bother too much with details, tending to be a sponge for feelings and moods in the environment. The information you gain from your surroundings at this time can be unusual and certainly unique. For some, it is heavily skewed in the direction of emotion and feeling.

When it comes to communicating, this can be a moody but tactful time, as you won’t want to offend others in any way. This can lead to a little deceit as you will simply want others to be comfortable. You may come across as dreamy and indirect with a difficulty to pin down any one belief or decision. It’s just that Mercury in Pisces takes in so much information from the world that open-mindedness prevents taking a stance for too long. If you learn to express yourself with more clarity, you’ll find that a lot of the problems you encounter with misunderstandings will lessen.

Driven more by intuition than facts, you will loathe list-making with a tendency to avoid detail work or tying up loose ends, you will however pick up on subtleties of all kinds, so what you lack in organization you will make up for with insight. Mercury in Pisces vision is extraordinary, and your leaps of faith are admirable at this time.

Mercury in Pisces brings compassion and vision. You may feel lazy, oversensitive and impractical. When you get overwhelmed, it is important that you have a safe place to retreat to so you can regroup and calm down. You will feel very imaginative during this alignment, and it may be difficult for you to translate their thoughts into concrete ideas. You will believe that anything is possible, and your open mindedness can makes it hard to make a decision at this time. to combat this surround yourself with logical people who have a clarity of perspective that will remind you of the reality of things.

Mercury in Pisces brings a very empathetic quality where the sensitive nature of your mind may easily pick up the emotions of whoever is around. This can lead to excessive exhaustion where your brain works overtime to process these emotions. It’s important that you have some type of meditative practice where you can really just clear your mind of excess energy and get in touch with yourself and your own needs and desires. This alignment helps remind us of the deeper, more beautiful and mysterious side of life which is equally as important as the logical one. It points to learning to funnel your dreams into concrete realities where you understand the relation between life on earth and life in the mind.

Gain more confidence through creative self-expression during this alignment, and release all that you’ve absorbed back into the world.

The event is finished.

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