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Planetary Alignment: Venus in Aries

Practical Influences – Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries brings an up-front, direct, and even daring air through a sense of enterprising independence which holds a childish innocent charm. You will feel fun loving with an energy that requires plenty of stimulating activity through direct open honesty. This alignment brings a need for spontaneous action and you may experience a desire to take the lead in a competitive manner. Don’t allow these needs to become wants by blowing them out of proportion as this can lead to a degree of naivety in your interactions.

Venus in Aries holds a lust for life which is contagious, however you will feel the need to guard your independence where you stay true to yourself no matter what. There is an impulsiveness at this time which may become troublesome when you quickly lose interest in anything that becomes too settled. Friction will feel stimulating as it gets the blood pumping and responds to the sense of challenge and constant creativity that this alignment desires.

This alignments brings a generous, exciting and confident feeling, however you may have no patience for self pity and insecurity in others due to the independence and energy that you feel. You will feel best when doing, rather than talking about what you want to do and will not be afraid to push the boundaries. You will experience more courage than ever to go after what you want with little trouble being direct about the needs you want met, this can lead to a selfish streak where you crave instant gratification.

The keyword for Venus in Aries is action, loving the chase and the challenge of fighting for what you want.  You will express affection directly, impulsively and enthusiastically, however, you may lose interest quickly if the current situation loses appeal by becoming stale.

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