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Planetary Alignment: Venus in Capricorn

Practical Influences – Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn brings with it a feeling of substance and worth, responsibility and control; where you will feel that building a successful career is pre-requisite to being happy. You may find yourself unsatisfied with your level of achievements in daily life, feeling you can do better and this can make you come across as cold, unfeeling, unemotional and even stingy with your affection.

You will find yourself working very hard during this alignment and this can weigh you down quite heavily although you are unlikely to crack under the pressure. You may experience slight depression if you feel you haven’t achieved enough success in your endeavours so be aware that your need for self control and emotional reserve could become a problem long term.

Your wit and ability to focus on goals will be heightened during this alignment. You will enjoy a degree of predictability in your relationships which sits well with the cautious side of your personality. You will be willing to commit cautiously to others but prefer to be left alone due to a degree of conservative shyness. When you do show your emotions and affection it will be through your actions rather than your words and you can be very romantic to anyone up to the challenge of getting to know you. Finding it difficult to let down your defences you desire a great deal of security which then leads you to be warm and tender, respecting a partner ensuring they don’t get hurt.

You may find yourself quite reserved in public during this alignment while admiring those who are hard-working and resourceful. You want to know that you can count on those around you no matter what and you find great partnerships with those that build a sense of tradition and legacy for the future. Your friendships are likely to be with dependable people who take responsibility for their similar level of ambition as yours. You will enjoy helping them become successful  in their worlds and expect an extended hand from them if you suffer any bouts of depression or sadness.

Venus in Capricorn brings a soulful and mysterious air where the close guarding of your privacy exudes dignity. You will be loyal and unwavering in your dealings preferring to get up and do rather than sit back and watch. Your very dry, witty sense of humour can come over as sarcastic and funny at times in a bid to draw people who can be of use to you in some way.  Be aware that your very ambitious, competitive nature can be quite cold leaving you very paranoid about people and you may scare potentially great friends away with your sometimes mean behaviour.

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