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Planetary Alignment: Mercury in Aquarius

Practical Influences – Mercury in Aquarius

Unconventional self-expression, Mercury in Aquarius enjoys breaking the rules. Quietly stirring things up by being quick to contradict through differing perspectives, Mercury in Aquarius shows an alertness of intellect which forces ideas towards intimidation. That said there is a delightful, unusual, quirky and insightful quality to this alignment.

Resistant to following schedules, although often surprisingly organized, this alignment progresses the advancement of mankind through anything that shocks and stirs up situations.

Mercury in Aquarius is often labeled eccentric with little respect for tradition. This alignment shows intuitive fair mindedness through equality and fair play. It brings original ideas that may be ahead of the time with facts that encompass a bigger picture for the power of good especially when involving social reform.

Mercury in Aquarius can make for a very stubborn time especially when exploring more outlandish and far reaching ideas. This makes for loyalty to concepts and intellectual pursuits in a somewhat revolutionary manner. Emotions will take a back seat to intellect during this time, and mental pursuits will become more appealing than spiritual ones.

This is a great time to look at your life from a different angle and gain new perspective. We may all lose touch with our sensitive sides while we’re busy juggling so many brilliant ideas, so do your best to pause and give someone you love an extra hug between all those stimulating conversations.

This can be a very creative and inventive time with much brainstorming, talking, arguing and thinking so take the opportunity for discussing viewpoints with different people and exchanging ideas. So what may happen during this time is that you find your mind is tireless. Your mental gears will always be churning, and you may have some trouble turning off your brain.

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