Aromatherapy: How to use Aniseed Oil

Aromatic anise seeds, a revered digestive tonic of the Greeks and Romans, is still used in confectionary and as a flavouring for alcoholic beverages, especially Pernod and Turkish Raki. The essential oil is steam-distilled from the seeds of this perennial herb of the Middle East. It has a rich, pervasive spicy-sweet odour resembling Liquorice. A … Read moreAromatherapy: How to use Aniseed Oil

Aromatherapy: Healing with Fennel Oil

Warming and stimulating, fennel has a long tradition as a digestive tonic. The seeds of the herb are crushed to give a strongly scented, sweet, peppery oil. Fennel has potent properties. Used sparingly, it has an enlivening, energising and revitalising effect on the mind and body. Fennel’s main action is on the digestion, where it … Read moreAromatherapy: Healing with Fennel Oil

Aromatherapy: Fennel for Beauty and Home

Fennel and Lavender Skin Creams These ‘rejuvenating’ night and day skin creams are particularly good for dry, dull or mature complexions. Apply either cream to the face once or twice a day after cleansing. It is advisable to take a break after 6 weeks of continuous use. Nurturing night cream This silky, rich, beeswax formula … Read moreAromatherapy: Fennel for Beauty and Home

Aromatherapy: The Magic of Fennel Oil

Fennel’s sweet dried-grass aroma earned it the Russian name ‘foeniculum’, deriving from the Latin foenum, meaning ‘hay-like’. Native to the shores of the Mediterranean, fennel is a biennial or short-lived perennial herb growing up to 2m, with blue-green feathery leaves and umbels of golden-yellow flowers. All parts of the plant are aromatic, although the highly prized … Read moreAromatherapy: The Magic of Fennel Oil

Aromatherapy: Healing with Frankincense Oil

Frankincense has been prized since the time of the pharaohs, who considered it an oil of enlightenment and wisdom, an exotic treasure that was more valuable than gold. Its powerful, sweet and woody fragrance is still used today as incense in temples and churches. Medication and meditation The magical properties of frankincense are best activated … Read moreAromatherapy: Healing with Frankincense Oil

Aromatherapy: Frankincense for Beauty and Home

Persian Princess Skin Cream This rich, nourishing cream can be used sparingly under make-up or as a daily moisturiser for dry and mature skins. It also makes a great hand cream for gardeners. 3g beeswax granules 10ml sweet almond oil 10ml avocado oil 2 vitamin E capsules 15ml bottled/filtered water 3 drops frankincense oil 3 drops rose otto oil Put … Read moreAromatherapy: Frankincense for Beauty and Home

Aromatherapy: The Magic of Frankincense Oil

The illustrious frankincense, or olibanum as it is also known, is obtained from an unspectacular scrubby tree of the genus Boswellia, native to the arid regions of Arabia and East Africa. Of the 25 species of tree producing frankincense gum resin, the most common are Boswellia carteri, found main in Somalia, Oman an Ethiopia, and Boswellia thurifera, Saudi frankincense. … Read moreAromatherapy: The Magic of Frankincense Oil

Aromatherapy: Healing with Eucalyptus Oil

The potent medicinal properties of eucalyptus have been used for centuries by Australian Aborigines. Today, the powerful antiseptic properties of eucalyptus are valued all over the world. Eucalyptus oil is distilled from the partially dried leaves and twigs of the ‘blue gum’ eucalyptus tree. The oil has a pungent camphorous scent and blends well with … Read moreAromatherapy: Healing with Eucalyptus Oil

Aromatherapy: Eucalyptus for Beauty and Home

Foot and Leg Reviver Try one of these invigorating oils on your feet and legs after prolonged standing, sitting or walking. Blend 1 10ml carrier oil 2 drops eucalyptus oil 1 drop lemongrass oil Blend 2 10ml carrier oil 2 drops eucalyptus oil 1 drop peppermint oil Add the essential oils to the carrier oil and shake well. Smooth … Read moreAromatherapy: Eucalyptus for Beauty and Home

Aromatherapy: The Magic of Eucalyptus Oil

Since it is included in so many medicinal preparations, the aroma of eucalyptus is recognised by almost everyone. Native to Australia, there are over 600 species of eucalyptus which are now cultivated throughout the world. While some species are shrubs, others are trees of immense size and beauty. In their country of origin, they often … Read moreAromatherapy: The Magic of Eucalyptus Oil