Muddy Boots is a Mental Health Community Engagement Project based in Stanley, Tyne and Wear. Their aim is to provide outdoor gardening activities to the residents of the North Eastt

Mental Health: Community Engagement with Muddy Boots

Community engagement work aids mental health by giving something back to the local area and local people.  As such, It promotes working together to build community cohesion, as well as learning about the environment. This promotes a sense of pride by offering meaningful support to others.

I work with Muddy Boots as their holistic health and wellbeing tutor. Above all, I share my knowledge and understanding with people who enjoy learning in an outdoors environment. This type of work fosters an essential link between nature and an individuals' wellbeing.

Muddy Boots run an array of gardening programmes throughout the year. In doing so they provide support for mental health. Because of this, they are an invaluable resource when it comes to community engagement projects.

The following short film provides better understanding of Muddy Boots activities at their home in Causey Arch. The film was undertaken in conjunction with 'Love Beamish and Stanley'. Love Beamish and Stanley is a membership led network of great businesses and services in the local area.

Mental Health Partnerships

Muddy Boots have close ties with organisations and charities throughout the North East. Due to this connection, they have had great success with projects such as Greening the Gap and Planting for the Future. These projects illustrate the valuable contribution Muddy Boots makes to community engagement within the region.

Muddy Boots places an emphasis on gardening as a way to improve wellbeing. Through their work, Muddy Boots support participants to apply new found knowledge to their own outdoor spaces. In doing so they promote a sustainable model of engagement reaching much further than the project itself.

You can find further information about Muddy Boots through the Love Beamish and Stanley website. Or pop over and like their page on Facebook

If you would like to visit in person, you can find Muddy Boots at:

Causey Rd, Stanley NE16 5EQ

If you are interested in getting involved in upcoming projects, or would just like to visit this wonderful resource, please do. Your mental health will thank you for it!