Free Meditation: Sensual Synergy

Feet firmly placed on the floor, hands gently resting on the thighs, eyes closed and away...

the beauty of a sunny day shining through a darkened cloud

As I sat with the rhythm of my heart alongside the inhale and exhale of my breath, I could sense the movement of what seemed like dark soot swirling around the room.

The soot was rising from everything in the space, my companions, the furniture, the floors, the walls.

With each breath in, the smoke wound itself towards me in a corkscrew type fashion. It entered my mouth, my eyes, and my ears, covering any airways with its fine silty coating.

At first I thought it may choke me as it filled my lungs, yet on the out breath, it dispersed through my body like a ghost being released from it's mortal shell.

Each new breath drew more of this twisting sooty substance into my core. I sensed movement within my body, turning me with its rhythm, lifting me upwards from my seat as I exhaled.

Each breath lifted me higher, turning me faster and faster like I was at the centre of this twisting concentrated dark matter. I lay back and revelled in the merry dance I had become a part of.

The experience was almost sensual in nature as the rhythmic soot entered and left me. I knew I was at one with the swirling darkness, a synergistic blend of light and dark, ebb and flow, energy and spirit.

I lifted so high I could see the world below. Tethered by my dark companion, each breath became a heady choreography of moves.

My inner child recalled the ancient knowledge imparted to her during endless ballet classes. Plié, assemblé, pirouette, grand jetè all came together as my adult form danced across the stars in the dark companions embrace.

As the meditation was called to an end I could feel my whole body glowing from the encounter as I was gently placed back into my seat.