Finding deeper connection through free meditation with others

Deeper Connection

Exploring Meditation in a Communal Space

Meditation takes many forms. It can be completely guided for a specific purpose, or left totally free. It very much depends on what the explorer is trying to achieve. My personal meditations, in perfect solitude, are varied. My early morning meditation takes the form of reaching a space of simply 'being' in the moment, and then creating my vision of the day from that space. Meditations throughout my day often consist of being 'present' and 'receptive' to my flow in certain situations. For instance, sitting in the park experiencing the wonder and awe of mother nature, I will sink into a meditative space in order to fully receive natures bounty. If I am confronted with a difficult situation, I will perform a quick 'breath of life' meditation connecting my head, heart, and gut, to centre my energy for a balanced and coherent response.

Accustomed as I am to meditating and exploring energy within my own space; I began to feel a draw to experience my connection in the company of others. As such, when asked to participate in a meditation circle I jumped at the chance.

The circle consists of people gathering together in a central space and entering into a free meditation state. This state starts with  guidance from one of the circle members who, after a few moments leading the meditation, leaves everybody to experience their own connections for around half an hour before bringing the group ethereally back to the room.

The interesting part on my first visit was not knowing very much about anyone that attended. We gathered, exchanged ‘hello’s’ and then got right down to it. Feet firmly placed on the floor, hands gently resting on the thighs, eyes closed and away…

Free Meditations