Free Meditation: From the Heart Centre

Our guided meditation left us in an exploration of where we felt drawn as we entered our quiet, contemplative spaces.

Feet firmly placed on the floor, hands gently resting on the thighs, eyes closed and away…

an illustration used as part of the deeper connection meditation archive

My attention was drawn to the central space between the group. There appeared a throbbing light which anchored us all with threads of light reaching out to every person in the circle.

My first impression was of colour, vibrating through the rainbow sequence of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, returning to red.

Each pulse of light took the form of a petal coming from a central flower. The vibrations of each petal came in time with the beat of my heart and the central space became a crystal of pure white light.

From this white light the petals began to form, rising up from the core, fragmented into spots of colour as they grew and moved away from the centre.

As the green petal began to form it almost arched backwards in the serenity of complete surrender before giving way to the blue.

My attention was drawn back to my heart centre as the originating space for movement and flow. The beat of my heart dedicating every moment to synergistic beauty, committed to flowing with the moment.

Committed to myself and my connection.

Committed to my connection with the universe and others.

Committed to live and give in a sense of oneness with everyone and everything around me.