Free Meditation: Cilia Connections

Feet firmly placed on the floor, hands gently resting on the thighs, eyes closed and away…

taking a closer look and seeing from a different perspective

I became aware of a lifting sensation, as though my body had taken off from the ground and I was flying upwards as high as I could go, arms stretched above my head in the direction of my travel.

I felt I must be flying, until I glanced down and could see that I stretched as far as my eye could see. Down, anchored to a grounding force which kept me steady like a kite. I was being stretched, from my base right through my body to the wriggling tips of my fingers reaching out above me.

They moved like cilia, as if filtering the space above with tendril style rhythmic undulations. I watched in fascination as the cilia glowed and pulsated in time to some unknown but strangely familiar beat. I wondered if I was alone, and all of a sudden, all around me other cilia came into sight, moving with the tempo of my own.

I glanced to my left and ‘Sebastian’ echoed through my mind as my tendrils brushed up against his. It felt as though he welcomed me openly in the space only to fall away into the endless sea of pulsating, glowing cilia that stretched for as far as I could imagine.

The feeling of connection, oneness, and complete synergy filtered through me as we pulsated with light. Like a million fireflies stretched out, sampling the space, communing in togetherness at our core. Touching the divine space in one infinite, powerful, undulation resonating deep into the core of our being.