Moving Forward


What a whirlwind of a year it's been.

I have practised exploring life as a human 'being' to enrich my experience. My trauma had left me as a human 'doing', not being.

Pain and PTSD removed me from being an active part of my life, transforming time into stuff I had to do. I was determined to redress the balance and followed a daily pathway of being present with myself, alongside being honest, gentle, and loving with myself. In short I nurtured my soul by strengthening my connection with myself as well as the universe.

The whole process has led to a new awakening within me.

I experienced a level of connection that I never felt before, feeling stretched both above, as though reaching a higher plane of personal understanding, and below, as though reaching a greater depth of insight.

This awakening to the truth of my connection with self brought forth an idea for the series of literary expressions I am calling the 'Conscious Connection Series'.

touching base. this is the stone of destiny in ireland

Read the first instalment in the Conscious Connection Series: Conscious Connection 1: Reframing Mental Health to Create a Thriving Life

Completing the first instalment in the series was a heady ride of publishers, editors, design agents, and marketing experts. While incredibly enlightening on the intricacies of the publishing sector, it was also a very expansive experience for my own conscious connection.

I wondered more and more about what I was actually connecting with. What was it within myself that was connecting with the universe? and what was it within the universe that was connecting with me?

These two questions have lain a pathway for the second instalment in the Conscious Connection Series.

In this following short animation of the Rites of Passage, Dianna M. Gorgina, PH.D. leaves us with a question... What Rites of Passage have you experienced?

According to anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep, We experience stages in our lives which are rites of passage.

A rite of passage is a transformative process of sudden change from everything we have known, to a completely new way of being. This rite happens across many cultures and invokes 3 stages: Separation/Transition/Reintegration.

I could see the experience I was having was like a rite of passage. My mental state led to separation from everything I had ever really known to be true.

My life had changed to such a degree that I didn't recognise myself within it.

Upon breaking through this I had entered the transitional stage, where I was free to strengthen my connection with self as well as being open to the universe.

This connection led its way into more questions around spirit and energy.

  • What is the difference between spirit and energy when it comes to our inherent wellbeing?
  • What roles do they play (separately or combined) to contribute to an overall sense of Conscious Connection?
  • How can an understanding of these roles affect social health support?

The second instalment in the Conscious Connection Series explores these questions, and more.