Free Meditation: Boat Journey

Feet firmly placed on the floor, hands gently resting on the thighs, eyes closed and away…

a deeper connection meditation picture of a boat illustrating the journey taken in the other world

The first sensation to draw my attention was the gentle throbbing of the floor beneath my feet. The throb led my attention to my heart beat and, as I recognised the feeling, the ceiling began to vibrate and throb in alignment.

It was as though the room had given to the will of my heartbeat and we had become one. As that feeling sat with me, I could feel a slow reclining of my body into a laying position.

I could hear the quiet lap of water around me and in that instant, I was in a boat. My head in the stern with a figure seated at the front leading the way like a sort of figurehead.

The quiet lap of the water became more urgent, giving way to the sound of an approaching waterfall. Up until this moment I couldn’t make out colours of shapes, I merely stared straight up into a swirling greyness.

Anticipating the impending waterfall opened an excitement deep inside at what it might bring. This excitement quickly abated when the first rush of water filled my nostrils and lungs, leaving me gasping for air.

The steady torrent of water seemed to pierce my skin with a heavy feeling which gave way to a stream of tears from my eyes.

It felt as though I was touching the very depths of sorrow and despair. As though I carried the weight of the whole worlds anguish on my torso.

Throbbing sobs wracked my core as the waterfall made its way from head to toe, only abating once I had been fully covered. I imagined I had reached into the crystal core of the earth and felt the tears of despair and loss she wept.

As the weight of this realisation reached deep inside me, I felt movement from behind my head. The figurehead alighted the boat and greyness gave way to breaking clouds and filters of sunlight.

I could see greens and pinks in my peripheral vision, but my attention was raised high in the sky where a Condor was circling in a figure eight above me. Watching the immensity of the size and grace of the majestic creature, I was struck at how very small I must seem.

Being lost in my thoughts watching this wonderful creature, I saw it draw closer and closer to the boat. Then, with one sweeping movement it took a side of the boat in each of its claws, raising me up into the now cloudless sky.