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Spiritual Energy Exchange: SEE with others

The Spiritual Energy Exchange (SEE) is an online, as well as an in person discussion platform. Through this platform we examine key life themes with a view to enhancing an individuals' internal growth and understanding. Engagement is promoted through blog posts, audio files, meditation practices, and physical group meet-ups in the North East of England.


Each month, a theme word is presented for interactive discussion, with participants sharing what the word means to them. In addition, the theme is developed throughout the month by considering personal, relationship, and professional perspectives.

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Forming a Spiritual Energy Exchange collective in this way, develops a broader understanding of the theme from which we can all learn and grow. Above all, we gain additional knowledge to incorporate further learning into all aspects of our everyday lives.

We have so much to learn from each other, so much to share, give, and to offer. Our vast and varied experiences can make valuable additions to other peoples lives. Your understanding could make all the difference to someone who is struggling right now. The SEE platform offers the chance to enhance not only your own life, but the lives of others too.

Each month the focus word changes to bring in a different life theme to explore. By the end of the year we will have covered 12 themes and built a bank of knowledge from which to draw from. SEE is open and free to all who choose to take part. Comment on posts, share thoughts online, Join in with collective meditations, and come and share in person when our group meets in the North East.

Get involved and be part of a new spiritual group. A group of growth, a group of change, a group of support, but most of all, a group of love.