Crystal Work: Stones of Mixed Colours

Many crystals come in a variety of colours and sometimes the colour varies in a single piece of stone. This may occur for a number of reasons. Some stones, such as lapis lazuli and unakite, contain more than one mineral. Others, such as ametrine and flourite, have had different levels of heat applied to parts of them, causing banding, and others, such as rhodonite and zoisite, have veins of other materials that have been affected by a chemical reaction. Sometimes a stone, for example ruby in zoisite, is found in a matrix of another stone.

Mixed qualities

The combination of different minerals or colours in the same stone, due to being subjected to different effects in various places, causes such stones to exhibit a range of qualities. As a result, mixed colour stones tend to be good for a number of uses, and this makes them very beneficial in crystal healing due to their versatility.

Two-toned Gems and Minerals

Crystals that combine two colours work on energies linked with those colours. If both colours work on the same energy, this enhances the overall effect. Stones with two colours include:

  • There are many permutations of two-coloured agate.
  • Ametrine comes as purple and golden-yellow.
  • Crysocolla stones are blue and green.
  • Kyanite stones are blue and white.
  • Malachite is most commonly coloured green and black.
  • Rhodonite is coloured pink and black.
  • Snowflake obsidian stones are black and grey.
  • Unakite stones are coloured pink and green.

Using Mixed-coloured Stones

With their enhanced and varied powers, mixed-coloured stones can be extremely effective in many situations, such as meditation, healing and dreaming.

Colours for Meditating

Some mixed-colour stones are particularly good meditational aids, as they combine colours associated with the higher and lower Chakras, giving an overall effect of balance.


Ametrine works on the higher and lower Chakras, producing a balancing effect on the mind, emotions and psyche.


With its green and purple colour combination, fluorite is a good stone with which to meditate on the qualities of love, both emotional and spiritual.

Colours for Dreaming

The range of colours in stones can reflect the bright colours we experience in our dreams, and some mixed-colour stones help to improve our dream life.

Watermelon tourmaline

With colourless, green and pink bands, watermelon tourmaline is a good stone to put under the pillow to get rid of nightmares and encourage lucid dreaming.


With its lilac and silvery colour, lepidolite helps get rid of nightmares when worn or put under the pillow.


Colours for Healing

By combining the qualities of more than one colour and mineral, some stones are excellent for use in healing general ailments, while others work on particular problems.

General ailments

combining lazulite, calcite and pyrites, lapis lazuli is able to help with eye, heart, bone and gland problems in the body.

Blood problems

Ruby in zoisite matrix can help blood problems and menstrual difficulties, as well as working on the immune system.

Crystal Charms



This stone combines azurite and malachite enhancing the effects both stones have as emotional cleansers and promoters of psychic ability.


Combining the effects of amethyst and citrine, ametrine is a very good stone to work on all the Chakras, and also as a dream enhancer under the pillow.

Blue lace agate

This stone helps promote harmony and serenity, and is very good as a meditational aid. As an agate, it may also be used to help with the healing of fractures and breaks.

Eilat stone

This beautiful stone is a combination of minerals, including crysocolia and turquoise. Thus, it gives balancing and inspirational energies as well as protection from negativity and stress.

Eilat stone

Moss agate

With its green fern-like inclusions, moss agate is good for grounding and for helping your garden grow.


Combining green and pink, the two colours of the heart, this stone is good for balancing problems of the heart.