Energy: Understanding your Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

The Sahasrara, or Crown Chakra, is located just above the top of your head. Sahasrara means ‘thousandfold’, referring to the thousand petals this Chakra possesses. The Crown Chakra is where the ‘Divine Spark’ of creation is situated and the Bindu, which is the focus of all thought. Ruling Chakra The Crown Chakra is the link … Read moreEnergy: Understanding your Crown Chakra

Energy: Understanding your Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is also known as the Brow or Ajna Chakra. Ajna means ‘to know’ or ‘to perceive’, which is appropriate as it is associated with the psychic senses and extra-sensory perception, such as telepathy and precognition. Women’s Intuition The Third Eye Chakra is often more active in women than men, which may … Read moreEnergy: Understanding your Third Eye Chakra

Energy: Understanding your Throat Chakra

Throat chakra

The Throat Chakra, or Vishuddha, is located in the spine at the throat area. This Chakra is your creative centre and it is from here that all your powers of self-expression and communication are governed. Vessel of Communication The Throat Chakra is associated with the sense of hearing, or the transmission of sound that comes … Read moreEnergy: Understanding your Throat Chakra

Energy: Understanding your Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

The Anahata, or Heart Chakra, is located in the spine at the level of the heart. Anahata means ‘unstruck’ and this Chakra is your centre of balance. The golden hexagram in the Chakra shows the balance of emotional forces of the lower three Chakras rising in the upward triangle to the spiritual, intellectual forces of … Read moreEnergy: Understanding your Heart Chakra

Energy: Understanding your Stomach Chakra

Solar plexus

The Stomach Chakra, or Manipura (meaning ‘lustrous jewel’), is connected to your emotions and will power. This Chakra is associated with fire. The fire of digestion and of the will. By balancing the Stomach Chakra you work to achieve harmony between the emotions and the intellect, transforming yourself into a dynamic, creative individual. Links to … Read moreEnergy: Understanding your Stomach Chakra

Energy: Understanding your Sacral Chakra

Sacral chakra

The Sacral Chakra is located in the spine, just below the navel. This Chakra is associated with many of life’s sweeter things such as pleasure, sexuality, nurturing, change and creativity (including procreation). It is the centre of realisation of polarity, the balance of opposites, and it affects your desire to interact with others. Flow and … Read moreEnergy: Understanding your Sacral Chakra

Energy: Understanding Chakra Development

Life is shaped by experiences, both good and bad. As well as affecting the development of personality and worldview, experiences can affect your Chakras. They can cause them to become too open or too closed, causing personality problems or illnesses. Experiences Good and Bad Childhood events affect your Chakras. For example, neglect or criticism can … Read moreEnergy: Understanding Chakra Development

Energy: Understanding the Upper Chakras

The upper three Chakras could be described as the thinking Chakras. They deal with our conscious mental processes and the subconscious world of dreams, and they help to define our goals and aspirations for the future. Spirit of Humanity The upper three Chakras control some of the most important human processes. The power to dream, … Read moreEnergy: Understanding the Upper Chakras