Throat chakra

Energy: Understanding your Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra, or Vishuddha, is located in the spine at the throat area. This Chakra is your creative centre and it is from here that all your powers of self-expression and communication are governed.

Vessel of Communication

The Throat Chakra is associated with the sense of hearing, or the transmission of sound that comes from the throat. To fully express yourself, you need to hear what others are saying and process it. Here the throat acts as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mental processes of the upper Chakras and the Chakras below it.

In the body the Throat Chakra controls your thyroid gland and influences your lungs, alimentary canal and all the vocal apparatus.

Chakra Characteristics

Balanced Chakra

Too Open

(Excessive energy)


(Deficient energy)

Feeling of self-worth
Spiritually aware
Good at communication
Good at meditation

Ignores others

Lack of self-esteem
In denial
Ignores the spiritual
Often embarrassed

Working the Throat Chakra

There are a variety of ways to work with your Throat Chakra and you can choose whichever method suits your mood and your state of balance.

Stimulating your Voice

If you feel unheard, try using mantra as a daily affirmation to restore self-confidence by allowing yourself to speak. As you do so let the power within flow and be expressed. Say, "I will speak up for myself, what I have to say is worth hearing, I will take responsibility for my needs and listen to the needs of others." Repeat this phrase for five minutes, speaking clearly, and finishing on a loud exclamation.

Calming with Massage

When your Throat Chakra is overactive you often store the excess energy in your neck area, causing it to eventually become stiff and tense.

aromatherapy massage

Releasing the Tension

Gentle slowing massage strokes on the neck can help release this stored tension and calm the Throat Chakra. Strokes from the base of the skull down either side of the back of the neck are particularly good for this. If you can, get someone to give you a good neck massage.

Stimulating with Yoga

A number of Yoga postures are very good for stimulating and opening your blocked Throat Chakra.

These include the Cobra, the Shoulderstand, the Plough, the Headstand, the Camel and the Fish. Choose one of these postures that you are comfortable doing and practice it every day.

By activating the Throat Chakra through practising Yoga you can also improve your concentration and boost the effectiveness of your immune system.

Calming with Crystals

Moonstone crystals

Crystals can be used to calm an over-stimulated Throat Chakra. Aquamarine and moonstone are particularly good to sue for this. Wearing a necklace of either of these stones will ensure that you can benefit from their calming and healing effects.

Downward Flow

Alternatively, meditating while holding one of these crystals to your throat with both hands will encourage your body to direct more energy downwards from the Throat Chakra to the lower Chakras via the Heart Chakra.

Conditions Relating to the Throat Chakra

Conditions to Treat

Conditions to Avoid

Self obsession

Treated with oils, meditation, mantra, Yoga, crystals and Reiki.

Spiritual problems

For balance use meditation, crystals, Yoga, colour therapy and massage.


Use mantra, oils, crystals and massage to open up and develop communication.

Ear problems

The ear is very delicate, so seek medical advice.