Heart Chakra

Energy: Understanding your Heart Chakra

The Anahata, or Heart Chakra, is located in the spine at the level of the heart. Anahata means 'unstruck' and this Chakra is your centre of balance. The golden hexagram in the Chakra shows the balance of emotional forces of the lower three Chakras rising in the upward triangle to the spiritual, intellectual forces of the upper three Chakras, which descend to meet them.

Healing Touch

The hexagram's colour represents energy of healing from the heart to the Hand Chakras. The Heart Chakra is associated with the element air. The qualities of mobility, lightness, harmony and gentleness, and the sense of touch. It helps you to be in touch with yourself and others in a balanced manner.

Chakra Characteristics

Balanced Chakra

Too Open

(Excessive energy)


(Deficient Energy)



Lack of drive
Feels unworthy
Fears rejection
Feels unlovable

Working with the Heart Chakra

Use these exercises to calm or stimulate your Heart Chakra and help restore balance to it, allowing you to listen to your innermost feelings and desires.

Stimulating with Exercise

Stand comfortably with your hands held out in front of you at shoulder height with your elbows straight. Turn one palm downwards and the other upwards, then quickly open and close both hands into fists several times until your hand tire.

Switch and Repeat

Switch hand positions and repeat until your hands are tired. Continue switching hands until it becomes uncomfortable. Drop your arms, open your fists and bring your palms together slowly at your heart.

Calming with a bath

A good way to calm the Heart Chakra is to indulge yourself in a hot bath. Add a few drops of an essential oil such as chamomile, lavender or rosemary when the bath has nearly run - this will ensure that the scents do not dissipate too quickly.

aromatherapy bathing

Relax your Body

Lying in the bath and relaxing allows your body to calm down, and the Heart Chakra will follow suit and return more to its natural balance.

Stimulating with a Mantra

Intoning the mantra associated with the Heart Chakra is a good way to stimulate it. Sit down and spend a few minutes chanting the mantra 'Sa'.

Spinning Away

As you do this, see your Heart Chakra as a bright green sphere the size of a tennis ball at the level of your heart, centred on your spine. See the sphere spinning like the world, with impurities or discolourations shooting off it.

Calming with Breathing

breathwork chakra

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Be aware of your breathing and, with each exhalation, see yourself inhaling pure white light. Feel it fill your body, cleansing and energising you.

Purify your Breath

With each exhalation, breathe out any tension or negativity you have in the form of a thick black smoke. Continue as the smoke gradually gets lighter, until there is no more smoke left to come out and you are breathing in and out pure white light.

Conditions Relating to the Heart Chakra

Conditions to Treat

Conditions to Avoid

Selfish behaviour

Treat negative behaviour with crystals, oils, meditation, mantra, Yoga and Reiki.

Heart conditions

Treat an over-stimulated Heart Chakra medically to avoid complications.


Use breathing exercises, oils, crystals and meditation for stress relief.

High blood pressure

As with heart conditions, seek medical advice for safety's sake.