Energy: Understanding the Balancing Chakra

The Heart Chakra is located at the level of the heart on the spine and corresponds to the element air. This Chakra is the centre of love and being, the source of harmony that balances the upper three Chajras and the lower three Chakras. In the body the Heart Chakra governs the thymus gland, the heart, blood and circulatory system. It also governs the sense of touch, and you are 'in touch' when you relate positively to something or someone.

Central Point

The Heart Chakra is the pivotal balancing point between the mental and perceptive process (upper three Chakras) and the instinctive, feeling process (lower three Chakras). In the Heart Chakra all our energies are balanced and directed into action, which is why it links directly to healing Chakras in the hands via channels called Nadis that run down your arms.

Heart Associations

Cultures around the world view the heart differently.

Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt it was believed the heart of the deceased was weighed on the cosmic balance against the Feather of Truth to show if a person had led a worthy life.

Mexican Sacrifices

The heart is associated with the Sun, and ancient Mexicans offered human hearts to ensure it had the strength to continue its path across the sky.

Earth Chakras

Many people see the Earth as having Chakras and the Heart Chakra is located in Glastonbury.

Heart and Soul

Some cultures would eat the hearts of their enemies, believing they gained all their positive qualities by doing so.

Stimulating your Heart Chakra

Use these exercises to synchronise your Heart Chakra with the other Chakras, to meditate and to focus your healing and energy casting powers.

Synchronise Heart with Hands

Find a relaxed place at home and stand with your arms held out in front of you. Turn one palm downwards and the other upward and quickly open and close both hands until you feel your hands warming with energy. Switch positions so the upward palm is now downward and vice versa, and continue until they become warm.

Heart Chakra

Next, bring your hands together to form a praying position. When your palms are a few centimetres apart, hold the position and imagine the energy bridging the gap, travelling between each palm's minor Chakra.

Bring your hands together to connect the Nadis' energy circuit from your Heart Chakra through both your palms and back, then feel the energy move everywhere in your body.

Opening Your Heart

Sit comfortably on your favourite chair at home and close your eyes. As you relax, with each in-breath feel yourself drawing the golden energy of the Earth from below you into your Root Chakra and up your spine through the lower Chakras to the Heart Chakra. Do this for two or three minutes. Then on each out-breath feel yourself drawing down the silvery energy of the heavens, the stars and the Moon into your Crown Chakra.

Chakra Energies

Feel the stellar energy flow down through the upper three Chakras to your Heart Chakra. Allow this energy to flow around your body, balancing your Chakras and empowering you, ready to heal, cast energy or just get on with life.

Mantras from the Heart

Using the associated mantra for the Heart Chakra is a good way for healing both yourself and others.

Sacred Words

Om meditation mantra

Begin by opening your arms to allow the energy to travel freely along the Nadis between your Heart Chakra and the minor palm Chakras. The Mantra for the Heart Chakra is 'SA'. Form the word in your mind and sound it internally while alos imaginging the energy building up in your Heart Chakra region. Speak the word and try to visualise your Heart Chakra as a sphere of green light about the size of a tennis ball at your heart as you vibrate the mantra.

The mantra 'OM' may also be used well with any of the Chakras for energising and balancing if you find this to be easier.