Chakra Work: Crystals and your Chakras

Our bodies contain seven energy centres, known as Chakras, that govern energy flow and the interaction of our physical and spiritual bodies. These Chakras run through your body along a horizontal line, from the top of your head to the base of your spine. Colour influences nearly all aspects of our lives, affecting our thoughts, … Read moreChakra Work: Crystals and your Chakras

Energy: Exploring the Lower Minor Chakras

The minor Chakras in your body play a vital role in maintaining your upper well-being. They support the work performed by the major Chakras and most of them are connected with the functioning of major organs, such as the liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys. Through these the minor Chakras help the body process toxins and … Read moreEnergy: Exploring the Lower Minor Chakras

Energy: Understanding your Senses and Chakras

The five senses that you rely on to supply you with information about your environment are well associated with the Chakras. According to some systems, the Root Chakra is linked to smell, the Sacral to taste, the Stomach to sight, the Heart to touch and the Throat to hearing. Our sixth sense, or psychic ability … Read moreEnergy: Understanding your Senses and Chakras

Energy: Understanding Chakra Antidotes

An antidote is something you are given to counteract a particular poison. In terms of your body, Chakra antidotes are tools you can use to counteract an imbalance in your Chakras when they become too open or over-stimulated, which can damage your health and personality. A Balancing Act It may be that some of your … Read moreEnergy: Understanding Chakra Antidotes

Energy: Chakras and the Endocrine System

The endocrine system is part of the body’s main control mechanism, comprising of a number of ductless glands that produce the hormones your body needs. These hormones, acting as chemical messengers, are secreted into the bloodstream from particular organs to stimulate or inhibit physical processes. By adjusting the hormone levels, the endocrine system works to … Read moreEnergy: Chakras and the Endocrine System

Aromatherapy for your Sacral Chakra

Sacral chakra

The Sacral Chakra is connected to your sexuality, creativity and socialisation. Blockages in this area can cause problems with your self-image and sex drive, which lead to feelings of negativity, guilt and over-sensitivity. When this Chakra is over-active it creates hedonistic and manipulative behaviour. Versatile Treatments Woody and floral oils work well to stimulate the … Read moreAromatherapy for your Sacral Chakra

Energy: Understanding your Sacral Chakra

Sacral chakra

The Sacral Chakra is located in the spine, just below the navel. This Chakra is associated with many of life’s sweeter things such as pleasure, sexuality, nurturing, change and creativity (including procreation). It is the centre of realisation of polarity, the balance of opposites, and it affects your desire to interact with others. Flow and … Read moreEnergy: Understanding your Sacral Chakra

Energy: Understanding Chakra Development

Life is shaped by experiences, both good and bad. As well as affecting the development of personality and worldview, experiences can affect your Chakras. They can cause them to become too open or too closed, causing personality problems or illnesses. Experiences Good and Bad Childhood events affect your Chakras. For example, neglect or criticism can … Read moreEnergy: Understanding Chakra Development

Energy: Understanding the Lower Chakras

The lower three Chakras could be described as the ‘feeling’ Chakras. They govern instinctive and emotional behaviour, including sexuality and sensuality. They are the ‘body’ Chakras, concerned with your wellbeing through digestion, sex, social interaction and by keeping your body going through the routines of work and daily life. The Basic Needs in Life As … Read moreEnergy: Understanding the Lower Chakras

Energy: Basic Overview of the Chakra Centres

Working with Chakras Many alternative therapies include an understanding of the Chakras, particularly crystal healing and reiki. As a reflexologist and an aromatherapist, I work directly on balancing the Chakras by making essential oils and focusing on particular subtle energy pathways or ‘meridians’. Meditations and visualisations using colour are important tools in Chakra balancing and … Read moreEnergy: Basic Overview of the Chakra Centres