Root Chakra

Energy: Understanding your Root Chakra

The Muladhara, or Root Chakra, is located at the base of the genitals. The name Muladhara means 'base' or 'support', and that is exactly what this Chakra does. This is exactly what this Chakra does. This is the support upon which all the major Chakras rest and draw as the source of energy, as it rules the adrenal glands.

Basic Sexual Energy

The Root Chakra is the resting place of the kundalini, or sexual energy, depicted as a snake coiled three and a half times at the base of the spine. The kundalini is seen as the divine feminine power latent within every person.

The Root Chakra is associated with the element of Earth, and governs the solid aspects of the body, such as the bones, teeth, nails and hair, and also the excretory system.

Chakra Characteristics

Balanced Chakra

Too Open

(Excessive Energy)


(Deficient energy)

Secure in self
Balanced behaviour

Crude behaviour

Difficulty achieving goals

Working the Root Chakra

You should always adapt the treatment of your Root Chakra to how you're feeling as it's particularly sensitive and its condition will affect all the other major Chakras.

Stimulating your Root

Sit in the half-lotus or lotus Yoga position and breathe deeply. Burn a scent that stimulates the Root Chakra, for example patchouli, cedarwood or sandalwood.

Half Lotus Yoga

Root Meditation

Close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes. Feel your connection with the earth beneath you. As you breathe in, draw up energy from the earth below through your feet Chakras, and feel it flow up your legs to your Root Chakra, stimulating it.

Exercise your Root

Stand straight, your arms loose at your side and feet shoulder-width apart. Imagine a straight line connects the top of your head to between your feet.

Stretch and Strength

Breathing in, rise up on your toes, bringing your arms up slowly to form a cross, keeping your body straight and bottom tucked in. Breathing out, come down on heels bending your knees as you do, and bringing your arms back down by your sides. Repeat this exercise four times.

Calming your Root

Rose Quartz


Stand comfortably holding a piece of rose quartz to your Root Chakra, at the back of your spine at the base.

Burn marjoram essential oil on your oil burner for its calming effects.

Crystal Charm

As you stand, meditate and visualise yourself surrounded by a cool pink glow, like the rose quartz, and feel the calming energy of the rose quartz permeating your Root Chakra and balancing the energy.

Colour and your Root

Avoid wearing 'hot' colours such as reds, oranges and yellows at all times.

Concentrate on wearing cooler colours such as blue, light green and white

Root Chakra

Colour Coordination

If possible combine cool colours with wearing rose quartz or emerald jewellery, as these crystals help calm the energy of the Root Chakra. Likewise, avoid using or wearing stimulating crystals such as carnelian, garnet and ruby while you are trying to calm the Root Chakra.

Conditions Relating to the Root Chakra

Conditions to Treat

Conditions to Avoid

Frequent Illness

Use exercise, meditation and oils to stimulate the Root Chakra.


Stimulating the root can affect the upper Chakras and self-image, making it worse.


Use crystals, oils, a balanced diet and exercise to balance the Chakra.


Get expert advice as over-stimulation may make the condition worse.