Energy: Discovering the Chakra Symbols

The seven major Chakras have various symbols, derived from their many correspondences, and by introducing these to your meditations you can develop your powers of visualisation and grasp better control of your own energies.

The rich symbolism of the Chakras crosses over into many other disciplines, such as astrology. For example, elemental and planetary associations can help you to focus your energies appropriately when performing energy casting, to understand how your birthchart relates to you physically and how your body is affected by the rhythms of the planets.

Animal Chakras

Meditating on your Chakra animals can also enrich your understanding of how the forces of these energy centres work. For example, the associated animals of the Root Chakra are all slow-moving, but very powerful.

Calling upon your Chakra Animals

If you wish to meditate on your Chakra animals, follow the simple steps here.

  • Make sure you are sitting comfortably.
  • Spend a few minutes looking at a picture of the animal you are going to visualise - or watching a video of it if you have one.
  • Spend a couple of minutes concentrating on your breathing.
  • Now visualise the shape symbol of the Chakra - For example, the light-blue circle for the Sacral Chakra, or the Heart Chakra's hexagram of two interlaced triangles.
  • Then visualise the animal within the centre of the shape.
  • After a few minutes stop and record any impressions or ideas that entered your mind during the meditation.

Your Chakra Symbols

Incorporating all your knowledge about the mind, body and spirit into your Chakra work, using animal, floral, astrological and energetic symbolism.

Using the Symbols

As you can see below, the seven major Chakras correspond to animals, shapes, elements, planets, Zodiac signs, flowers and energy states. They also have associations among the Tarot's major and minor arcanas which are not listed here, but you can still use the Chakras for readings by focusing on the element of a suit. Likewise. by looking at the planets and Zodiac sign and comparing these to your birthchart you can see which Chakras are most emphasised in you.

Root Chakra

Animals: bull, elephant, ox
Shapes: Yellow square
Element: Earth
Planets: Saturn, Earth
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Flower: Four-petalled lotus
Energy state: Solid

Root Chakra elephant

Sacral Chakra

Sacral chakra sea creatures

Animals: sea creatures
Shapes: Light-blue crescent
Element: Water
Planets: Moon, Pluto
Zodiac sign: Cancer, Scorpio
Flower: six-petalled lotus
Energy state: Liquid

Stomach Chakra

Animals: Ram
Shapes: Downward triangle
Element: Fire
Planets: Mars, Sun
Zodiac sign: Aries, Leo
Flower: 10-petalled lotus
Energy state: Plasma

Stomach chakra ram

Heart Chakra

Heart chakra antelope

Animals: Antelope, dove
Shapes: Hexagram
Element: Air
Planets: Venus
Zodiac Sign: Libra, Taurus
Flower: 12-petalled lotus
Energy state: Gas

Throat Chakra

Animals: Bull, elephant, lion
Shapes: Downward triangle
Element: Spirit
Planets: Mercury
Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Virgo
Flower: 16-petalled lotus
Energy state: Vibration

Throat chakra lion

Third Eye Chakra


Animals: Owl
Shapes: Downward triangle
Element: light
Planets: Jupiter, neptune
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Flower: two-petalled lotus
Energy state: Image

Crown Chakra

Animal: No animal
Shapes: Upward triangle
Element: Consciousness
Planets: Uranus
Zodiac sign: 1000-petalled lotus
Energy state: Information