Crystal Work: The Magic of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a form of beryl, and is related with emerald. Beryl crystals are, in general, harder than quartz, and crystal healers believe them to have a very different vibrational energy. Aquamarine - which means 'water from the sea' in Latin - is often a clear almost transparent crystal and die to its beauty and calming blue colour it is often used in jewellery. It is particularly associated with female energy and beauty, and historically it was worn by queens.

In the Druid tradition, aquamarine was said to enhance the female energy of the priestesses, creating balance and strength, and providing support as they undertook their duties in the community. It is said that the protective energy of aquamarine was also valued by soldiers in the Middle Ages as a shield against injury in battle.

The beautiful blue of aquamarine has long been associated with the sea - it was used by sailors both to prevent sea sickness and as a protective talisman. Aquamarine clusters are particularly beautiful, as they often contain almost all shades of aquamarine, from light blue to green - demonstrating why this crystal has been referred to as 'the stone reflecting the water of a lake'.

Healing with Aquamarine

The energy of aquamarine is believed to have a very dynamic character, as if it is never still, like a fast flowing river than a calm lake. However, although it is constantly in motion, the energy of aquamarine provides order and balance and can help greatly during times of transition.

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It is thought to help maintain balance and focus, while encouraging movement and change in the desired direction. Simply put, aquamarine is believed to help keep you on track during times of transformation. For this reason healers value it highly. During a period of emotional and psychological change, our own vibrations are also affected. Changes of this type are almost always accompanied by the surfacing of emotional defences. Although positive in the long term, these often cause emotional imbalances and intellectual doubts while we are working through them. Aquamarine helps to balance and give stability during this process, making it a more pleasant experience.

Aquamarine is also believed to balance the Chakras. Its dynamic character allows excess energy to flow to depleted areas. This helps bring about balance throughout the whole system and encourages the healthy flow of energies within the body. Its vibrations are said to resonate particularly to those of the throat chakra, so activating, energising and strengthening it. This can help bring about clearer and less confused communication with others, and also within yourself.

When faced with a complex problem, focusing and directing the energy of aquamarine onto the situation could help you make a breakthrough, rather like cracking open a nutshell to find the fruit within,

On an emotional level, aquamarine is thought to have a very subtle effect. The energy is powerful yet gentle. Its softness helps to balance extremes, moderating character traits like jealousy, intolerance or being judgemental - helping us to be more tolerant in our reactions towards others an allowing us to tune into the compassionate aspects of our nature.

Aquamarine is often referred to as the stone of courage. Its particular vibration resonates to the energies of learning, and knowledge gives strength and the determination to achieve. The energy of aquamarine can therefore give us support in our determination and allow us to understand and make use of knowledge brought before us. With its dynamic yet gentle vibration it help clear and focus the mind - grey areas are clarified and learning becomes easier.

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Its vibration also creates a protective shield, which can extend out into the aura to protect the wearer. Using an aquamarine cluster as a decoration in a room or on your desk may help protect you from negative energies and create an atmosphere of beauty and peace, while maintaining a dynamic energy.

Using Aquamarine

Activating and balancing the throat chakra is thought to improve communication on all levels. Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor and place an aquamarine crystal on a small table or stool in front of you, so that you are as close to the crystal as possible. To enhance the atmosphere you can light a candle and place it next to the crystal. Now, focus on the aquamarine and start regulating your breathing, allowing it to become gentle and regular. Allow your breathing to relax both your body and mind. Let go of any thoughts and focus your full concentration on the aquamarine. Take in the colour of the crystal. Allow it to make an impression on your mind. Take the time to discover all the different shades of colour and allow any sensations or association to develop.

Close your eyes and start to visualise the colour of the crystal in your mind. Take a couple of breaths as you let the picture develop and become stronger, until you have a vivid picture of the colour in your mind. Now, become aware of your throat and project the colour of the aquamarine in your mind towards this area. Imagine the throat chakra flooded with the vibrant colour of the aquamarine. Visualise the chakra coming to life and spinning like a wheel, encouraged by the energy of the crystal. Hold this picture in your mind for as long as you can.

Once you've finished this exercise you can carry the crystal with you or wear an aquamarine pendant around your neck. You should feel calm and energised.