Aromatherapy: Using Oils for Divination

When fortune telling, be it with Tarot, runes, I Ching or tasseography, you will obviously want the person you are reading for to be as receptive and honest as possible. To that end, using essential oils can help you to set the mood and produce an environment in which a person feels relaxed and able to open themselves up, emotionally and mentally. It is a subtle effect that will work in the background to sustain the atmosphere.

Encouraging fortune

For some people you can burn a blend, whereas for others you might offer to anoint them on the Third Eye Chakra before the reading to open their psychic senses. Try a blend using oils to alert the mind, such as ginger and rosemary, and citrus oils such as grapefruit to enliven the emotions. You may wish to include an oil that invokes the mood of the origins of your divination tool, such as jasmine for I Ching.

Why they work together

Oil stimulate both mind and emotions, put you in a positive state and awaken the unconscious. This is very useful for divination methods in which the querent must handle the reading medium, such as shuffling a Tarot deck or casting runes. All the cues from the environment that the querent has picked up, including those of the oils, enter the unconscious and prompt them when they are sorting the items used to give the reading.

Fusing information

As psychologist Carl Jung said, "Anything born of a moment has the essence of a moment". In other words, by stimulating the querent's unconscious you help their mind to enter a state where this unconscious information is projected into their choices and actions just as strongly as that from their conscious mind. This will give the most accurate reading possible for that moment in time, using all of the information available.

Divining with your Oils

Careful use of essential oils will enhance your divinations by working on the sensibilities of both you and your querent. Learn how to blend oils for the most powerful effects.

Anointing Ritual

If you are reading for a person who is interested in spiritual matters, they are likely to be willing to be anointed. Simply explain to them that it will help open them up psychically so that you can give them the most accurate reading possible.

Make a blend using 3 drops of frankincense, 2 drops neroli, 3 drops sandalwood and 2 drops ylang ylang in 35ml of sweet almond carrier oil.

Frankincense oil has been associated with spirituality since Biblical times and will ensure that your querent is in a spiritually-open state. Neroli and sandalwood both encourage tranquillity and ylang ylang will soothe the spirit. All three oils work together to induce the perfect mood for fortune telling.

Anoint the querent on the Third Eye with a drop of the oil using the little finger of your dominant hand, saying "May your mind be open to the mysteries and the veil of the future be drawn away".

3rd eye anoint

You use the little finger because it is associated with Mercury, which rules communication (and also it was the traditional finger used in ancient Egypt).

Fortune telling blend

Burning a suitable blend on your oil burner will also help the reading by making the querent more receptive. Ask their permission first to show you are sensitive to their needs an then if they are happy you can put the blend on. Do this before you interview them about what they wish to ask about. This way the oils have a chance to work before the reading begins.

Add 3 drops of lime, 2 drops of rosemary and 5 drops of ylang ylang oils to the water of your burner for a blend that will help them both focus and be more relaxed and receptive.

The lime oil, like all citrus oils, will enliven the mind, while the rosemary will stimulate their mental clarity and the ylang ylang will bring peace to a troubled mind.

This blend will, therefore, also help you, as the reader. It will infuse the room, giving more clarity and focus so that you are able to give the best reading that you can.

Purification ritual

To enhance your readiness for a divination session, have a bath using oils so your psychic senses are stimulated to their optimum levels.

aromatherapy bathing

Add 3 drops of frankincense, 2 drops of cedarwood and 3 drops of lotus oil to the bath before you stop running it. Frankincense and cedarwood cleanse your spirit while lotus aids in spiritual unfolding. As you lie in the bath, see your aura cleansed and shining with a golden hue. Say "May I have clear vision and see all there is to be seen as I tell a fortune"

After the bath, anoint your Third Eye Chakra with the fortune telling blend for an extra boost and repeat the affirmation.