Christmas Giving the Consciously Connected Way

It’s nearly that time of year again. Christmas, when we attempt to show we are thinking of others by giving gifts. But how do we do Christmas giving the consciously connected way? Traditionally, Christmas represents a time of giving, receiving, and sharing time with loved ones. Invariably however, it becomes a time of stress, overthinking, … Read moreChristmas Giving the Consciously Connected Way

Prisoners Safety: Released Prisoners at Risk on our Streets

When it comes to community safety issues, public safety sells more newspapers than ex-prisoners safety. A headline reading ‘Released Prisoners at Risk on our Streets’ doesn’t stir up as much emotion as a ‘Public at Risk’ headline. Yet, when a prisoner is released they become a member of the public once more. They have served … Read morePrisoners Safety: Released Prisoners at Risk on our Streets

Energy Workers United!

I was invited a few weeks ago by a fellow energy worker to participate in a Facebook sharing chain. Being something I would usually pass over, I was struck by the beautiful energy of the friend sharing it with me, and felt compelled to participate. The concept was simple… {Day 1} in the life of … Read moreEnergy Workers United!

I was left behind…

life is a process of weighing love and compassion against fear and anguish

I’ve thought so often about suicide. The act itself, the logistics of preparation, and implementation, as well as the fallout for those left behind. I’m joyful to say the latter thoughts always win out over the former. The compassion and love within me continues to elevate my spirit beyond calculations of taking a bottle of … Read moreI was left behind…

What is Normal?

Normal no longer exists. Finding a new normal is tougher than you’d think. Having experienced physical, mental and spiritual extremes in my health adventures, I am acutely aware of consciously exploring my new ‘normal’ connection. There is a delicate space for balance in my life… A space which forms a threshold between doing too little … Read moreWhat is Normal?

Being Chosen – Crystal Vibrations

“Crystals have long been held as vibrational energies capable of altering our mood to bring us into greater resonance. When we bring a crystal into our electromagnetic field, the stone shifts our energy by transmitting and amplifying the correct frequency to the cells in the body requiring balance. When in contact with a crystal, the … Read moreBeing Chosen – Crystal Vibrations

Finding Quiet Spaces

View this post on Instagram Simple, practical and absolutely beautiful. Arabian riads are perfect places to relax away from the heat outside. Many rooms off a central, tranquil and cooling space. Once we find this space within ourselves, no matter what is going on in our minds outer rooms, we have entered a peaceful place … Read moreFinding Quiet Spaces

Placebo vs Nocebo – Mental isn’t it !?

We’ve all heard of the ‘Placebo Effect’. Books have been written about it, academic papers have examined it, and people have experienced it. Randomised control trials in the medical field use placebo as a control group when testing a new drug. From the total number of participants in any new study, half will receive the … Read morePlacebo vs Nocebo – Mental isn’t it !?