Being Chosen – Crystal Vibrations

"Crystals have long been held as vibrational energies capable of altering our mood to bring us into greater resonance. When we bring a crystal into our electromagnetic field, the stone shifts our energy by transmitting and amplifying the correct frequency to the cells in the body requiring balance. When in contact with a crystal, the vibration of our weaker body will adjust to match that of the stronger body. Crystals are seen as returning our body’s energy field to its natural healthy vibrational frequency to bring about healing following the laws of resonance." ~ S.Wayt. Conscious Connection

green aventurine and septarian egg being guarded by my faerie

"There are crystal shops worldwide where we can test out which stone resonates with our vibrational frequency. When we pick up a crystal, we get a sense of movement within ourselves which will feel right for us. The stone we are drawn to will be the one that can provide us with the vibration we require to bring about balance within." ~ S.Wayt. Conscious Connection

Having written these paragraphs about crystals in Conscious Connectionimagine my delight when I was given the opportunity to step into one of the biggest Rock, Gem and Bead shows in Newcastle.

In the lead up to the show I became aware of feeling constricted by my usual crystal jewellery. My tigers eye necklace began to feel heavy around my neck as though it weighed upon me. My black onyx ring felt tighter around my finger and I experienced a sensation of being full to bursting.

Once relieved of my adornments I felt much easier and spent the remainder of the week 'naked' of crystal vibrational energy other than my own.

One step through the doors of the show and it was plain to see the arrangement of stalls held a sense of order. Three large separate stalls took up the central space, with an array of smaller stalls around the perimeter walls. Instinctively I made my way to the smaller stalls in order to circle the entire show externally before finishing with the larger central stalls.

As I made my way, I was initially struck by the energy of colour vibration.

The vivid collections of strung beads hanging from trellises could have become distracting, however, I had the colour green in mind and decided to see where that would guide me.

Moving from stall to stall, very little caught my eye with the exception of a beautiful Iona Marble pendant which leapt into my hand as a gift for a loved one.

iona marble necklace found at the rock gem and bead show

After taking a break from circling the room, I made my way to the central stalls and was immediately drawn to a septarian egg.

It ‘spoke’ to me as I approached the stall, begging me to pick it up and feel it in my hands. As soon as I touched the stone it warmed beneath my fingers and I felt the familiar heartbeat that accompanies any deep connection I experience.

Septarian dragons egg found at the rock gem and bead festival in newcastle
Septarian dragons egg found at the rock gem and bead festival in newcastle
Septarian dragons egg found at the rock gem and bead festival in newcastle
a large piece of green aventurine. simply stunning

With the egg firmly in hand I glanced to my left and there sat the most magnificent green aventurine I had ever seen.

The vibrations emanating from the stone held the memory of floating off into meditation on a beautiful sea of cleansing flow.

I could almost smell the waves and feel the breeze on my skin as I leant forward to touch the surface.

As I did, I became one with the flow of the rock as it gently made its way through my energy. I could feel its trickle meander through my core, exploring my depths along its merry path.

To the left of the aventurine stood another piece which felt like it belonged with my new ally.

The piece stood statuesque and patient among the other crystals.

There was a sense that it had come from the same space as the larger piece and therefore had to accompany me home as well.

As I picked it up and pondered my thoughts, the stall holder came over to talk with me.

I explained my quandary of three pieces from her stall having spoken to me, and was offered the possibility of a combined price should I choose to take all three. I thanked her, saying I would think on it as I made my way around the remainder of the central stalls.

aventurine is an amazing crystal
preseli blue stone from the standing stones at stone henge

I continued on my way to be greeted by the most amazing fellow.

Hand carved from Preseli Bluestone and hand silvered by a very talented woman, A green man pendant gazed wisely upon me, compelling me to pluck him from the stand.

Each carved line vibrated with the intent for which it was made. The earthing quality brought a grounded sense of nature in all her finery. The keeper of the gates to nature's many realms sat firmly in the palm of my hand, refusing to budge.

The same woman approached me and offered a further deal for all 4 items and I was powerless to resist.

I was chosen by each of the pieces I brought home. Each one spoke in a different manner, a feeling, a sensation, a warmth, a knowing. Upon arriving home each chose their position on shelves and ledges.

Now the research into how my attraction to each piece fitted alongside historically documented understanding began. Is what I felt from each piece unique to me, or has it been captured by countless ancestors before me?