What is Normal?

Normal no longer exists.

Finding a new normal is tougher than you'd think. Having experienced physical, mental and spiritual extremes in my health adventures, I am acutely aware of consciously exploring my new 'normal' connection.

an illustration used as part of the deeper connection meditation.

There is a delicate space for balance in my life... A space which forms a threshold between doing too little and being stuck in apathy, and doing too much and being struck by agony.

One step too far and pain comes crashing down leaving physical chaos in its wake. Yet, how would I know my growth and my capabilities if I didn't take that extra step?

I've been exploring my conscious connection daily. Entering a space of possibility every morning and allowing my open, grateful heart to receive direction from the universe.

I connect with the flow of each day as well as the alignments throughout each month and it has slowly opened me up to the possibility of exploring my connection with others. As I grow, I find like-minded people and interesting opportunities present themselves to me on a weekly basis.

My circle of friends has broadened, including within it a fascinating array of people from all walks of life, all at different stages of their own amazing adventure. Our collaborations are leading to sparks of inspiration for future ventures from which we can all thrive and grow together.

While it's an exciting time, and the direction of life gathers forward momentum, I am drawn back to the search for a space of balance. So far I have noticed that for each day 'in the field', my term for physically leaving the house and engaging with others; I require at least 2 days recovery at home, and that is from a physical aspect alone.

This adventure with myself and my conscious connection feels like partnering with the universe as it leads me through the dance of life's possibilities and opportunities. The main ingredient of an enjoyable performance is to trust your partner completely and give in to the beautiful synergy as the comic music flows.