Energy Workers United!

I was invited a few weeks ago by a fellow energy worker to participate in a Facebook sharing chain. Being something I would usually pass over, I was struck by the beautiful energy of the friend sharing it with me, and felt compelled to participate.

The concept was simple...

{Day 1} in the life of me:

Seven days, seven photos all in black and white of everyday life. No explanations.

Challenge a friend every day.

Today I challenge ...

I posted a picture each day and nominated friends to follow suit. By the 7th day it felt like I had taken a journey through the photographs which felt incredibly fulfilling as well as uplifting.

Not being able to explain the picture on each days Facebook post, added an air of intrigue and mystery to the readers. I couldn't help but feel a desire to share my thoughts on what prompted the postings in the first place, so I decided to post it here for you all to enjoy.

Day 1

I was struck by the term 'everyday life' in the Facebook chain instructions. For me everyday life represents how simply, or how complicated we choose to view it.

My perception was drawn to how simply resilient we are. Like the daisy, we spring back time and again to meet life's challenges.

We are many, and when we grow together we create the most beautiful carpet of simple, delicate colour.

The daisy: Simplicity of connection

This picture represents the simplicity of life. Life is a complicated as we choose to make it. Lets keep it as simple as we can
This picture represents the simple everyday time I spend with my granddaughter. The simplicity of our love for one another is unparalleled.

Day 2

The simplicity of connection remained, and then it struck me that although simplistic, our connections hold great depth.

This prompted my picture for day 2. Combining the innocence and wonder of childhood with the depth of feeling for my granddaughter.

She sat for hours painting, excitedly showing me her creations throughout the day. Her, lost in a world of simple creation, me, lost in my depth of simple love.

Day 3

My depth of love extended out on day 3 to encompass the world.

Finding newspapers and many magazines insistent on programming their readers minds, I opt out of reading them.

Instead I choose to stay abreast of the good works happening around the world by reading journals such as Resurgence & Ecologist.

Simple depth of connection with the rest of the world.

Representing my connection with the wider world. Our world would have us believe the terrible and awful things reported. I prefer an unbiased view with these types of journals
The love of travel, encapsulated by this picture of my weekend bag, all packed and ready to go.

Day 4

Connecting with the rest of the world brought memories of travel flooding back through my heart.

The excitement of planning a trip, the anticipation of the departure date, and the inevitable sleepless night before leaving, fill my soul with joy.

Having a chance to explore different cultures, knowing that at our core we are all connected, all neatly summed up by this picture of my packed travel bag.

Day 5

As the momentum and enjoyment of hot climates lingers from yesterday, the sun comes out to shine it's beaming light on my garden.

My little oasis of colour and scent growing up against the odds of a concrete space. Bursting forth with flowers streaming colourful flashes against the green

I'm drawn to the simplicity of nature once more and the utter beauty it offers us if we choose to see. Spreading love and joy as quickly as one flower springs up after another.


The simple beauty of my garden in bloom. The concrete jungle, transofrmed into an oasis of bloom and scent
The keen gardener is rewarded for the fruits of her labour by the giving of sustenance from each plant

Day 6

Sticking with the garden theme, I draw the essence of abundance into my everyday life.

The achievement that comes from growing fruit and veg for personal consumption.

From sprouting seed to abundant fruit, each plant filled with purpose to reward the patient and loving gardener. Following the cycle of life from start to finish, ready to begin again. Nature giving freely of its abundance in the only way it knows how.

Day 7

And finally, on to day 7 and a feeling of wrapping up my week long exploration through black and white pictures.

I became acutely aware of sustenance and how a simple, connected life can provide this wonderful feeling.

Being able to draw the connections into my core, knowing they sustain my life's journey. Simple ingredients to create a thriving life.

Pulling the raw ingredients of the everyday into a synergistic recipe for a nourished life.

from meagre beginnings, mighty meals can grow. The simplicity of raw ingredients coming together to reveal a mouthwatering dish

So, that was it for the week.

I've spent time investigating the simplicity of my life and recording it every day.

Interestingly the friend that challenged me to this is a 'soul based coach' in training. Her suggestion may have been a deliberate soul based experiment, or not.

Either way this exercise has led to reconnection within for just how wonderfully simple my life is.

Thank you Lee.