"Vision is the art of seeing things invisible"—Jonathon Swift

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

A tired, exhausted face filled with burden and unhappiness? Or a face filled with purpose for what the future may hold?

When we're caught in a mental illness spiral we often look at ourselves through blinkered eyes. We fail to see our potential because we are frozen by the pain of our past. We have become victims to the inevitability of facing another day living with despair and hopelessness.

What if today could be different?

What if today could be the beginning of the rest of a thriving life filled with hope for the future?

What if today brought visions of a beautiful new tomorrow?

Take another look in that mirror. Ask yourself—'if I could create something to take me away from this feeling, what would it be?'

Imagine yourself in a situation, a place, a scenario which fills you with happiness and hope. Imagine your shining eyes and glowing smile, your uplifted spirit and open heart.

the image outside my old house in gateshead showing that perception is key

By doing this simple exercise daily you breathe new life into a vision that may, at one time, have felt invisible. You are creating a frame of mind which takes you from feeling incapacitated to feeling capable, from victim to victor.

Vision is the gift we create with our conscious mind. It brings hope to the hopeless and comfort to the weary. The first step towards creating a thriving future is to move away from a cloudy view of the past. The journey forward begins with creating vision for the future you wish to see.

Begin seeing yourself through the eyes of your visionary mind. Imagine your 'happy self' surfacing like a shining light through your minds dark times. Embrace the possibilities of creating an enlightened pathway with your creative vision.

When we begin to expand our thoughts beyond what we can see through our tired, exhausted eyes, what once seemed invisible, becomes visible.

What vision will you invest in today?

Cement your commitment to beginning a beautiful new tomorrow by sharing your vision in the comments below!