The Energy Experiment Update

Thank you for your patience during the set-up phase of The Energy Experiment.

The response has been wonderful and I am now putting people into groups ready to begin the adventure into sending energy to one another. At this stage some of the groups are small due to time and date preferences, however, as more people join the experiment your group may grow in size.

By the end of this week groups will be allocated and you will receive a notification giving you access to the email group you have been placed in.

This email will allow you to access conversations within your specific group, with all members able to read, post, and respond to other members.

Your group is a ‘closed group’ and only group members are able to see any comments or feedback from each energy exchange.

I will send a weekly email within each group giving details of the date and time of your energy exchange. It will also include details of the member and their struggle point for you to focus on for that particular week. You will receive two reminders, 1 day and 15 minutes before your exchange is due to take place, to ensure you don’t forget and miss the session.

Once you have participated in each focused energy exchange, I would like you to email your group with any thoughts, feelings, images etc. that you experienced during the session. You feedback is important for our research as well as for other group members to share your experience, so let’s commit to keeping the conversations flowing.

If you have any questions or queries at this stage feel free to post them in the comments below or contact me directly at [email protected]

In health and happiness—Sarah



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