Author Journey Update: Conscious Connection 2

Updating the authors journey through video

Here I share my author journey with you as a way to keep you in the loop with my progress. I have been engaged in research since March 2019, looking for answers around what we are connecting with. The findings from my research will contribute to the main body of Conscious Connection book 2. If … Read moreAuthor Journey Update: Conscious Connection 2

A Jordanian Journey: ‘Wandering the World’ Series

Having a Jordanian journey sat firmly at the top of my ‘bucket list’ of places to explore. Since watching ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,’ I was captivated by the majestic beauty of Petra’s rock-cut architecture. So, in 2018, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and travelled solo to Jordan to explore the … Read moreA Jordanian Journey: ‘Wandering the World’ Series

Free Meditation: The Battle Within

Feet firmly placed on the floor, hands gently resting on the thighs, eyes closed and away… As I concentrated on my breath I could see in my minds eye a black bird flying before me. From out of the space around me, the by now familiar soot-like substance began to gather and swirl around. It … Read moreFree Meditation: The Battle Within

Intergenerational Connection: Exploring Innocence

One of the most effective ways to develop consciousness is through intergenerational connection. Above all, the act of spending time with someone of a different age group offers fresh perspective. In conclusion, we re-experience an innocence from which we can grow and learn. On a cold, beautiful, November Sunday in Gateshead, I have the pleasure … Read moreIntergenerational Connection: Exploring Innocence

Safeguarding Nature for our Children’s future

As children of the earth, it is our duty to secure the future of our young ones by safeguarding nature. The political climate is hitting frenzy point with the coming elections in the UK. Alongside the UK, dissent and discord born from power and greed can be seen throughout the world. Yet within the noise … Read moreSafeguarding Nature for our Children’s future

Loving All Life the Consciously Connected Way

On my journey with conscious connection, there have been trying times. Times when I have had to really learn about loving all life the consciously connected way. When complete devastation makes no sense, you have to dig deep within to fathom the grand plan. One trying incident brought the familiar heart pound I experience when … Read moreLoving All Life the Consciously Connected Way

Christmas Giving the Consciously Connected Way

It’s nearly that time of year again. Christmas, when we attempt to show we are thinking of others by giving gifts. But how do we do Christmas giving the consciously connected way? Traditionally, Christmas represents a time of giving, receiving, and sharing time with loved ones. Invariably however, it becomes a time of stress, overthinking, … Read moreChristmas Giving the Consciously Connected Way

Prisoners Safety: Released Prisoners at Risk on our Streets

When it comes to community safety issues, public safety sells more newspapers than ex-prisoners safety. A headline reading ‘Released Prisoners at Risk on our Streets’ doesn’t stir up as much emotion as a ‘Public at Risk’ headline. Yet, when a prisoner is released they become a member of the public once more. They have served … Read morePrisoners Safety: Released Prisoners at Risk on our Streets

Mental Health: Community Engagement with Muddy Boots

Muddy Boots is a Mental Health Community Engagement Project based in Stanley, Tyne and Wear. Their aim is to provide outdoor gardening activities to the residents of the North Eastt

Community engagement work aids mental health by giving something back to the local area and local people.  As such, It promotes working together to build community cohesion, as well as learning about the environment. This promotes a sense of pride by offering meaningful support to others. I work with Muddy Boots as their holistic health … Read moreMental Health: Community Engagement with Muddy Boots