Planetary Alignment: Venus in Libra

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Venus symbol Practical Influences – Venus in Libra A Venus in Libra alignment loves beauty, which is really balance and harmony; so you will find yourself disliking and avoiding anything unpleasant in favour of peace, tranquillity and harmony. You will be very social during this alignment, you’re easy to be with and a dynamic talker with multitudes … Read morePlanetary Alignment: Venus in Libra

Planetary Alignment: Venus in Virgo

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Venus symbol Practical Influences – Venus in Virgo Venus in Virgo brings a very down to earth energy where you may feel reserved and private enjoying the simple, little things in life. There’s a sense of mystery about you, since you’re protective of your privacy. While being simultaneously grounded and secure you can also find yourself relentlessly … Read morePlanetary Alignment: Venus in Virgo

Planetary Alignment: Mars in Pisces

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astrology mars Practical Influences – Mars in Pisces Mars in Pisces brings a drive to make dreams come true where your kind compassionate creativity will have a very beautiful, often idealised, idea of the way things should be. You will sometimes aggressively push your dreams into the forefront.  This may make you extremely out of touch with … Read morePlanetary Alignment: Mars in Pisces