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Planetary Alignment: Mercury in Sagittarius

Practical Influences – Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius brings freedom of thought, optimistic vision and looking to the future which will give you a great thirst for knowledge but with little time for dry hard facts. You will become fully immersed in fun topics that truly interest you and give you the freedom to think and choose for yourself. You will enjoy debating these topics with admirable enthusiasm and an optimism that shines through no matter the prejudices of others.

Your sunny open minded outlook and love of laughter and fun will invigorate others during this alignment as will your independence and adaptability within your social circle. You will love talking to anyone who will listen but it may be difficult for you to focus on any single subject for a long time. You can be judgemental too during this time where you will be great at bending other peoples ears but less able to listen or pick up their subtle signals.

Being blunt and to the point can have you coming across as sarcastic, rude and impatient when someone is playing mind games due to your defence of justice and freedom. You may feel quite disorganised during this alignment with a restless intellectual craving for stimulation. You will enjoy philosophy, religion, foreign cultures and psychology, so relieve that restlessness by studying these to grasp a deeper understanding of the world. This will satisfy your craving to see the bigger picture and ensures your artistic side puts vitality into your everyday experiences.

When Mercury is in Sagittarius you won’t want to get bogged down by details even though you will have a dogmatic belief system. You’ll believe in doing your own thing and going your own way preferring to be a free thinker living by your own set of rules. Confident in your own beliefs you have a tendency to get big ideas by thinking simple, getting the main idea but not knowing enough about what you have chosen to believe in to strengthen your standpoint. Grasping just the general concept of an idea leaves you unable to support your beliefs with tangible facts or examples and can have you coming over as ignorant and rude.

During this alignment you will find your mind is on fire with ideas, especially visions for the future. You will have a cheerful way of making light conversation, but also love being drawn into philosophical debates due to your curious and open-mind. Your challenge is developing discernment in your conversational quest so you’ll know which threads to follow, alighting on each detail as a possible clue leading to your end goal, the illuminated truth.

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