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Planetary Alignment: Mercury in Scorpio

With Mercury in Scorpio you will like to get to the heart of things having a talent for seeing the truth and being fearless about going where others fear to tread. with a dislike for the superficial you may come across to others as suspicious and negative however your keen observation skills mean that more often than not you will have the ability to see what others have missed. Sometimes you may be quite dark because of your tendency to focus on the false in order to get to the truth.

Mercury in Scorpio brings passionate communication where your smart instinct and strategy draws out insights and secrets in others that you are wanting to help. Be aware that this helping others may come across as critical and negative, even controlling and manipulative in your bid to win intellectually and literally; but your loyalty means you will defend anyone you care for to your last breath. Your shrewd judgement shines best when talking about things that you are not personally involved with. It is when you are personally involved that your judgement can get clouded over.

You will be a good motivator during this alignment and, with a love of mystery and intrigue, your ability to keep secrets gives you a keen understanding of human nature with an almost psychic talent. Be aware of your sharp tongue at this time and that when saying what you think your tact can sometimes be lacking. This is mainly due to your stubborn and tenacious mind where you will intensely hang on to a subject until satisfied, but your emotional approach can make it difficult for you to be objective. Your intelligence is absolutely instinctive and strategies are your speciality.

You may experience a heightened interest in mystical and paranormal subjects being drawn to the darker side of human nature in a bid to protect those you care about. It may be that you are seeking answers for others as a way to face what is deep within yourself as you will be adept at learning the source and the core of any problem or issue.

Mercury in Scorpio brings out the deep thinker in you who frequently goes against the grain with thoughts and ideas. This can make you very obsessive in your thoughts asking deep questions and exploring the unknown, uncomfortable areas of the human psyche. This may also make you appear very shy and secretive about your thoughts, never letting anyone know what you are really thinking or how much you actually know and/or comprehend.

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