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Planetary Alignment: Mercury in Taurus

Practical Influences – Mercury in Taurus

During Mercury in Taurus you may feel as though you are plodding through and taking time to reach decisions but this is quite normal for this alignment. You are actually quite decisive and may even be stubborn with your opinion because you will be engaging your thoughts at a deeper level. Because of this deeper thinking you may be a little slow to get going and start projects, but when you do your common sense will see them through to the end.

This alignment heightens all your senses for processing information. Smells, noises and moods translate into a communication style that is slow, deliberate and measured. You will have a placid quality which draws others to listen and take what you say seriously due to your down to earth, realistic and authoritative manner. You will find that you listen attentively to what others have to say and will wait for your turn to speak in a serious, respectful politeness that makes others feel appreciated for what they can contribute. 

You will process information more readily if you are able to see real-world examples of theories and again your senses will determine if ideas are accepted or discarded as practical and useful to your situation. This alignment makes for shrewd business and financial understanding where your incredible memory and slow, steady pace keeps you grounded and steady in the reality of situations. Sometimes this can come across as being obstinate and opinionated, however it is merely your seeking to have any efforts grounded in your deep values.

Mercury in Taurus brings a great ability to focus on one task at a time taking a realistic and practical approach before being completely sure of something before acting upon it. You may be a bit quiet at first but can get very passionate and emotional in arguments if you feel you know how to make something that is already there, more beautiful in the long run. Your mind is geared toward consistent effort over time creating things that are enduring, tangible and stable, with the expectation of an abundant harvest.

Ideally, Mercury in Taurus connects with the earthy realities that will nurture the growth and development of ideas. Slow, careful conversations enable a consideration of alternatives without ever losing sight of fundamental values and underlying practical issues.

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